By Team NSHM | Jul 12, 2019

The Future of Mass Media in the Digital Age

Every researcher and expert in the field of mass media and telecommunications had predicted that the advent of the internet would result in not just a revolution in media but a worldwide Cultural Revolution altogether. And while their predictions of how exactly it would pan out, varied greatly, it remains a fact that the internet continues to transform the fields of entertainment, media and communication in ways which we are yet to fully comprehend.

Each form of media, whether it belongs to traditional or New Media, has its own unique and often indispensable qualities. So while we might not have to worry about the internet making TV obsolete, just like video did not, in fact, kill the radio star, New Media does have an edge because it:

  • Is a convenient medium of communication.
  • Encompasses all forms of traditional media. Not only can New Media follow the formats of print, television and radio, but it can also combine the formats in a dynamic way.
  • Has given rise to newer formats of media because of the interactive aspects of the medium. For example, gaming and citizen journalism.
  • Goes one step ahead of the 24-hour news cycle and allows for instant and on-the-go access to news and information.
  • Provides on demand access to media is preferred over broadcast.
  • Provides easier access to services and resources.
  • Provides easier access to educational resources.

Navigating this medium, however, can have its own challenges. Some of the pros and cons of New Media can be:

  • A lack of a clear target audience.
  • Anonymity of users and entities.
  • Lack of government regulation.

The last point is something of a complex issue in itself as governments around the world are just beginning to form policies and starting to figure out how to regulate the internet. So, for those working on creating content for this medium or looking to build their careers on it, treading carefully and applying a little foresight might be necessary. Looking to examples of the aftermath of the dot com bubble bursting might just provide a cautionary tale on how to proceed with a career on the internet. To understand the way media operates and finding one’s true calling in this field of studies and profession needs expert guidance and a valid degree from a recognized university. NSHM Knowledge Campus has been doing the same for students for over two decades, alongside reinventing the potential of academics in media with new age courses, that make students industry ready to face all kinds of professional challenges. Explore your options here