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NSHM Knowledge Campus is one of Eastern India’s leading educational institutes and a pioneer of professional degree courses aligned to industry needs. Since its founding in 1996, NSHM has worked to provide West Bengal with high- quality education and training in a variety of fields, including business & management, health sciences, computing and analytics, media and communication, design, engineering, and technology.


New Age Programmes
We have always wondered about the Future and experimented with offering Full- Time degree programs that are futuristic to meet India’s evolving needs as well as be globally accepted. New Age degree programs in AI & Machine Learning, Digital Health, Cyber Security, Yoga, Data Science, Fashion Design & Culinary Science have been added over the last 5 years to provide interested students an opportunity to learn and explore exciting career options in these emerging fields.



  • Bringing prosperity to the society
  • Enhancing quality of life by imparting and advancing knowledge and skills, unleashing creative abilities and inculcating responsible and responsive values and attitudes.


Cecil Antony

Chief Mentor

At NSHM, we are focused on possibilities that can potentially change our life for the better. It is not only about finding better ways to life and our future. It is more about challenging the existing ones, if needed and innovating brand new paths to solve problems hitherto unsolved. Education and Research, in our opinion, are our two most powerful tools to find such paths.

Inclusion is another value which remains under-explored to a great extent. Inclusion- of ideas, people, diverse field of academic enquiry and innovative ways of application unlocks doors to possibilities. That is why knowing and joining hands with new people are so important to us.
This is my conviction that NSHM will deliver what you expect and need- in education or in business. I am sure; together, we will discover and engage with novel ideas towards a bright and prosperous future.

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