Literary Club

Core Activity Areas: Debate, Extempore, GDs, Book Reading/ Release, Writing, Storytelling

Anchor Unit: Centre for Language & Communication

Location: Kolkata and Durgapur

Aangan Club

Core Activity Areas: Student Fests and other cultural events, Creative and Performing Arts

Anchor Unit: Centre for Creative & Performing Arts

Location: Kolkata and Durgapur

TAG E-Cell

Core Activity Areas: Bootcamps, Idea hunt, pitching, incubation, acceleration, Innovation Day (Annual event)

Anchor Unit: Centre for Innovation & Incubation

Location: Kolkata and Durgapur

Bizbee Club

Core Activity Areas: Corporate-Classroom exchanges, Simulation, Case development, Bizbee meets – sustainable livelihoods, living, environment and development, Alumni

Anchor Unit: Business & Management

Location: Kolkata and Durgapur

WY Club

Core Activity Areas: Y-News, Y-FM, and all Y-media activities- by the Youth, for the Youth, and of the Youth

Anchor Unit: Media

Location: Kolkata


Core Activity Areas: Interior, Fashion, Graphic, and Multimedia – Production and Exhibition

Anchor Unit: Design

Location: Kolkata

Hospitality 21

Core Activity Areas: 21st Century – MICE Tourism, Hospitality, Hotel

Anchor Unit: Tourism & Hotel

Location: Durgapur and Kolkata

ASI Kolkata Chapter

Core Activity Areas: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

Anchor Unit: Computing Analytics

Location: Kolkata


Core Activity Areas: Sports, Wellness, Adventure, Rural action and social justice

Anchor Unit: Health Science | Centre for Sports & Wellness

Location: Durgapur and Kolkata

*the names, membership norms, and charter of activities of clubs are subjected to annual update by respective club committees. All inter-club collaborative actions get decided by student clubs. Each club has a faculty mentor, in rotation, every year. The primary role of faculty mentor is to officiate the constitution of club committees, its annual charter of activities, resource mobilization, periodic preview/review and reporting.