Community engagement initiatives are a common way for organizations to recognize a particular need within their community and offer resources to the people who need it. Many community outreach initiatives have the overarching purpose of achieving certain goal. The role is to define a particular population, research its needs around a specific problem, and develop a plan to help them recover, learn or become self-sufficient.

NSHM Knowledge Campus at its core is a social organization. Centre for Social Action actively involves itself in advocating for the deprived section of our society. The Outreach Program’s mission is additionally supported by individual and corporate donations and from the sales of indigenous products made by women in the nearby areas.


Fostering poverty reduction research, with an emphasis on technological interventions and social grooming, at the grassroots level. The Centre aims to create approaches to solving the most important issues of our time.


  • Organizing outreach programs like distributions of books and clothes to the downtrodden children of our society
  • Organizing awareness campaigns through cross-city runs, walkathon etc.
  • Partnering with federal and state government programs like ‘Unnat Bharat Abhiyaan’ and ‘Utkarsh Bangla’for outreach activities


NSHM Knowledge Campus is associated with UNNAT BHARAT ABHIYAN in an effort to bring in transformation in the rural landscape of India. Centre for Social Action has adopted five villages in the Nadia district of West Bengal – Basantapur, Kantabele, Madanpur, GhoraGhacha and TeliGhacha. Extensive surveys have been undertaken in these villages to understand the various socio-economic facets. The survey indicated the types of intervention required in these villages. Nadia District is clustered as an ‘Aspiring District’ in the country.

When the onset of the pandemic severely affected the lives of the village dwellers with their modest incomes, NSHM Centre for Social Action in conjunction with its NGO partner “Change Initiatives’ took upon them to address the situations in the adopted five villages. Funds were collected to provide dry ration(consumables) to every family below the poverty line in the five villages would.The district administration was duly roped-in for the procurement of the raw materials and distributions of the same.

The needy people again got in touch with the Centre for Social Action when Cyclone Amphan hit West Bengal in the month of May 2020.Owing to the successful completion of Phase I of the activities, NSHM Knowledge Campus is one of the 24 institutes who have been granted funds for Phase II of the outreach initiatives.