NSHM Centre for Language and Communication envisions developing people skills among its students and individuals so that each individual is able to competently connect with the industry, people and all other stakeholders around him/her thereby emerging as a successful professional and social being. Apart from conducting regular English and Business Communication classes for the UG / PG students of NSHM, the Centre conducts regular evening classes in English language proficiency, foreign language & employability skills. The centre also conducts various summer / winter camps and workshops, FDP, seminars & conferences in the areas of language, linguistic studies, language teaching & Communication.


  • Adopting student-centred teaching approaches that include real-world language use and soft skills to shape students personalities
  • Designing innovative and research-based teaching materials on language proficiency for students belonging to several disciplines like management, hospitality, tourism, media, design, IT, film ,fashion & Design
  • Providing linguistic and culturally contextualised opportunities for students to use the target language outside the classroom (eg: interactions with industry experts through workshops, seminars, master classes)
  • Celebrating the people and culture associated with the languages we teach through cultural events like International Mother Language Day


EVENING CLASSES : Choose from a bouquet of evening courses and gain an edge in the highly competitive world of professionalism & perfection by mastering the linguistic & communication nuances of English and foreign languages. Through language-lab based intensive audio-visual training conducted by ELT & corporate experts the courses will enhance all your communication skills – listening, speaking, reading & writing and alongside equip you with all the requisites for developing interview, GD, public speaking, negotiation & presentation skills, etc.


WORKSHOPS: Choose from a series of workshops in order to enhance your workplace competencies:

Course Duration Days / Timings
Business Presentation Skills & Report Writing 2 days Friday – Saturday4.30-8.00 p.m.
Language Appreciation 2 days Friday – Saturday4.30-8.00 p.m.
Work Life Balance 1 Day Saturday4.30-8.00 p.m.
Grooming & Etiquette 2 Days Friday – Saturday4.30-8.00 p.m.
Team Building 2 Days Friday – Saturday4.30-8.00 p.m.


Certificate Courses

In today’s scenario upskilling is the most important norm. Acquiring new and relevant competencies, development of skills has an important role to play in building the resilience of students/pupils. 

NSHM Centre for Language and Communication is coming up with various certificate courses for external pupils. 
  • These Certificate courses will help the participants to learn new skills which will give a sense of accomplishment and build confidence in the participants, resulting in access to new and different chances. Learning these courses will increase creativity and foster new ideas amongst the participants.
  • These courses will enhance the communication skills of the participants and will make them eloquent enough, which will help them to achieve their goals and finally to build a successful career.
  • The Graphology course offered by Centre for Language and Communication will help the participants to gain knowledge about the innumerable traits of the personality.
  • Nowadays, the most rewarding aspects of the human experience is the ability to connect with others, bilinguals have the unique opportunity to communicate with a wider range of people in their personal and professional lives this also add a plus point in the career opportunity of the participants, Language skills can be a significant competitive advantage that sets a person apart from their monolingual peers.  
  • These Skills will boost the confidence and will strengthen the decision making ability in the participants.
  • Students will be trained by highly experienced faculty members and consultants from reputable institutions.
  • The Certificate courses at NSHM Centre for Language and Communication are delivered in a professional manner.

SUMMER / WINTER CAMPS: Conducted during May-July & December-January, the camps are targeted at fruitful utilisation of your summer / winter breaks. The following camps are on offer:

CREATIVE WRTING: Explore your latent creative writing qualities by learning to give shape to your imaginative ideas and thoughts in the form of poems, short narratives, drama scripts, skits, etc. The crash course would train you in various aspects of creative compositions like plot and character development, using humour and anecdotes, using figures of speech, etc.

LITERARY READING & APPRECIATION: Learn the art of reading creative compositions like fictions, drama, audio-plays, etc. and the notions of critically appreciating literary pieces. The crash course would cover various areas of literary reading like skimming, scanning, reviewing, interpreting figurative effects & meaning, analyzing effects, reflecting & writing critical commentary.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE [FRENCH] : Get exposed to the language & culture of French and learn the basic usage of the language. The crash course would cover basic grammar, vocabulary, everyday expressions, etc. and would enable you to appreciate the language.

PUBLIC SPEAKING: Learn to address the public at length and create an impact by acquiring the skills of Public Speaking. The crash course would train you in developing content and delivery features of public speeches.

PERSONAL MANAGEMENT: Learn to manage yourself in a better way at workplaces through personal grooming and improving on your workplace manners & etiquette. The camp would also train you to manage the work life balance.

Our Faculty


For further details & registration please contact:

Prof. Dr. Soujanya Pudi-Head NCLC
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For information on the courses Contact our Executive:

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