• NSHM Design School’s collaboration with Toonz Animation gives students the privilege of engaging in live projects at the TOONZ Production Studio, earning professional diplomas, an unparalleled global standard portfolio, and access to international paid live projects and internships. Also, this offers a gateway to placements with the world's pre-eminent studios.
  • The tie-up with The Designer's Class, India's inaugural digital education platform gives our students, the exciting opportunity to learn from industry luminaries such as Abu Jani, Sandeep Khosla, Gauri Khan, Kunal Rawal, Masaba Gupta, and more. Students can also earn supplementary certificates to strengthen their resume.
  • Our state-of-the-art facilities include Cutting-edge Mac Lab - 2D Animation Lab - Design Studios - Art Room - Production Lab - Fashion Lab.
  • We facilitate experiential learning through workshops on illustration, filmmaking, and field visits to artist hubs, material industry epicenters, and live working sites. Year-round symposiums, field visits, and workshops led by industry experts ensure that students stay attuned to the pulsating rhythm of the latest industry trends.
  • By integrating industry professionals into the learning process, we ensure that students are equipped with the most updated knowledge and skills required by employers in the design fraternity.
  • Opportunities such as internships, industry projects, and mentorship programs are provided by us to bridge the gap between theory and practice.
  • Key Facts
  • Scope & Career Opportunities
  • Course Details

Key Facts


2 years






VFX in Filmmaking  


Graduate in any stream (Bachelor in fine Arts, Animation will be preferable)


To complete admission online, follow the steps below:
  • - Fill up the online application form
  • - Sit for personal interview
  • - Receive selection letter via e-mail
  • - Pay admission fees


  • KOLKATA - MSc. - Animation & Graphic Design: INR 61,250 (fee per semester)
*The fee structure is different for international students.*

Scope & Career Opportunities

90% of buyers prefer visual and interactive content over customary (static and text-based) media. Be it advertising, publishing, or designing a website, – the demand for professionals with knowledge of Visual Communication is extremely high. After completion of this programme, students can pursue careers in the field of Animation and Graphic Design as:
  • -Graphic Designer
  • -Storyboarding Artist
  • -Character Designer
  • -Layout & Background Artist
  • -2D Animator / 3D Animator
  • -3D Modeling-Texturing- Lighting Artist
  • -Compositor
  • -Roto Artist
  • -VFX Artist
  • -Digital Painter
  • -Gaming Artist
  • -Web Designer
  • -UI Designer
  • -Creative Director
  • -Director – Animation/ Live Action
  • -Academician – Faculty/ Professor
  • -Entrepreneur – Studio Owner

Success Stories

Course Details

Core curriculum details are as follows -

Course Breakup

  • Design Studies
    Principles & Elements of Design
    Basic elements and principles of Art and Design, design perspective, theoretical basis and elements of art and design
  • Interpretation of Design Research
    Explore and understand various Indian Art forms and graphical representations of research outcomes.
  • Art and Design
    Isometric structure of objects, 3 dimensional drawing and space creation, proportions and structures, representation of 2D structure in 3d space, basic Maya modeling, constructional modeling, etc.
  • Cultural studies
    Understanding culture and community, community practices, society and community, and culture and society
  • 2D & 3D design concepts
    Knowledge of converting sketches, rough concepts, 3D design, prototyping, ideas, and traditional medium works into digital mediums.

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