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Placement Policy

Placement assistance at NSHM is provided to all students who fulfill the pre-requisites mandated by the institute to become eligible for placements. The placement process is dictated by the terms of the placement policy and students opting for campus placement have to adhere by the terms of the policy.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Attendance should be minimum 75 percentages (*final decision to be taken by the management*) to become eligible for Placements.
  • They should complete internship as prescribed in course module.
  • Student’s placements and training will be governed by the Placement Policy of the Institute in general which will be displayed in the ERP.
  • The candidate should not be a defaulter in payment of fees.
  • They should not have any kind of disciplinary action taken or contemplated against them.

Training & Internships

Experiential learning offered at NSHM is a hallmark of the education experience that students at the institute enjoy. This is facilitated through workshops, training programs and mandated internships that students have to undertake during the tenure of their program.

The period of internship varies according to the mandate of each programme. NSHM assists students with arranging internships in various organisations which helps them earn hands-on training as well as gives them the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge acquired in classroom to solve real world problems.

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