UDAY – the Centre for Sports & Wellness – aims at contributing to the personal, physical & psychological growth and well-being of students alongside generating a sporting environment in NSHM. A healthy body and mind is indeed a key requirement for educational upliftment. Thus, UDAY fulfils this key requirement by promoting sports and fitness among the students of NSHM. With its state-of-the art fitness training & gym facilities, the centre organises regular fitness training programmes and also organises various sports activities and events round the year to keep the students rejuvenated to learn, acquire and excel in their respective disciplines. The centre is also committed to nurturing the amateur as well as professional sporting talents through regular training camps and practice. One significant venture of the centre is the promotion of adventure sports in collaboration with National Adventure Foundation (NAF).

Objectives of UDAY:

  • Helping students reach their fitness goals and maintain a healthy physique through fitness training programmes
  • Attending to both physical and psychological aspects of students’ involvement in sports activities and exploring their therapeutic aspects
  • Educating women and providing hands-on self-defence techniques through trainings and workshops
  • Promoting adventure sports through participation in various adventure activities
  • Nurturing the sporting talents in various sporting disciplines through coaching and training
  • Aiding students display their sporting talents through widespread participation in various state and national level sporting events and competitions
  • Boosting self-esteem and self-confidence of students through active involvement in sports& adventure
  • Developing leadership skills and qualities within the students through team leading roles
  • Developing a sense of discipline within the students through active participation in sports. Every sport requires some mental, physical and tactical discipline:following rules, obeying the coach& the captain, practising restraint and sports ethics, avoiding unhealthy habits, etc. are all forms of discipline that enable people to reach their full potential and realise their goals in life
  • Developing various other skills and qualities within the students like social skills, team work, perseverance, patience, compassion, etc. through volunteering, participating and organising various sports events and activities.

Key activities of UDAY:

  • Organising seminars, workshops& training programmesinvolving leading sports personalities, trainers, coaches and sports industry experts
  • Conducting self-defence programmes for women
  • Organising fitness training programmes
  • Conducting coaching camps in football, cricket & other sports involving the best coaching experts
  • Organising annual sports meet
  • Organising inter-departmental sporting events and competitions
  • Participating in various inter-college, university, state and national level sporting events & competitions viz football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, power lifting, archery, etc.
  • Organising local as well as outstation adventure programmes involving adventure activities like rock-climbing, rappelling, trekking, rafting, sports climbing, kayaking, etc.