• International Exposure through the Student Exchange Programme with Malaysia University of Science and Technology(MUST) provides students with a global outlook for success
  • Live Case Studies program led by industry experts fosters skill building and provides valuable networking opportunities for comprehensive professional growth
  • Our collaboration with Calcutta Management Association (CMA), India's oldest management association, offers students a unique opportunity to delve into live case studies led by esteemed industry experts, engage in hands-on skill development and gain access to a platform for extensive networking
  • Business Skill Development through support for creating business plans and securing funding, certification in entrepreneurship, practical training, masterclasses and more
  • Strong Industry Connect helps to secure coveted positions for graduates in diverse fields, including Oil & Gas, FMCG, IT & ITeS, Banking & Financial Services, Healthcare & Hospital Management, and Consultancy
  • NCLAVE International Conference provides a platform to gain fresh insights from global experts and amplify research through esteemed publications
  • NSHM Business School has partnered with NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network), a division of the Wadhwani Foundation. This dynamic collaboration empowers management students with an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Key Facts
  • Scope & Career Opportunities
  • Course Details

Key Facts


3 years






Any Stream 10+2 or from a Recognised School Board.


To complete admission online, follow the steps below:
  • - Fill up the online application form
  • - Sit for ENPAT and personal interview
  • - Receive selection letter via e-mail
  • - Pay admission fees


  • DURGAPUR - BBA - Banking & Financial Services INR 45,000 (Fees Per Semester)
-*The fee structure is different for international students.*-

Scope & Career Opportunities

Students after completing BBA in Banking and Financial Services, can work as:
  • -Financial consultant
  • -Financial analyst
  • -Treasurer
  • -Financial manager
  • -Investment analyst
  • -Tax assistant
  • -Management analyst

Success Stories

Course Details

Course Details as follows -

Course Breakup

  • Basics of Accounts
    Meaning and scope of Accounting, Basic Accounting Concepts and Conventions, Objectives of Accounting, Accounting Transactions, Adjustments, Receipts and Payments Account, Income & Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet of Non Trading Organizations, Bank Reconciliation Statement.
  • Financial Management
    Financial system, Financial Assets, Financial Intermediaries, Financial Markets, Classification, Components of Financial Market, Financial Instruments, Multiplicity of Financial Instruments, Money Market and Capital Market and their Features, Importance of Money Market, Composition of Money Market, Money Market Instruments, Features of Indian Money Market.
  • Derivatives
    Forward contracts, Limitations of forward markets, pay-offs, Forward Rate Agreement (FRA) and Forward Foreign Exchange Contract, Introduction to futures, Stock Futures, Index futures, Commodity Futures and Currency Futures Distinction between futures and forwards contracts, Call and Put Option- American and European Option- Put Call Parity, Types of Credit Derivatives- Types of Swap-Credit Default Swaps – Collateralized Debt Obligations(CDO).
  • Economics
    Wealth, Welfare and Scarcity Views on Economics, Elasticity of
    Demand and supply, Law of Diminishing Marginal utility, Law of Variable Proportion, Pricing Policy, Theoretical Framework of Business Environment, Socio-Cultural Environment.

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