NSHM Institute of Computing & Analytics

NSHM is one of the best institutes for studying Computing & Analytics, NSHM School of Computing & Analytics in Kolkata & Durgapur campus applies new-age classroom techniques to impart knowledge. A lateral thinking approach in classrooms, lifestyle education and industry awareness gives a definite edge to students stepping out into the corporate world.

In a data-driven age, companies have to stay updated with the requirements of huge volumes of data. With the onset of AI technology, the world is relying more on professional coders across industries. The department boasts of a state-of-the-art infrastructure and excellent academic ambience, customized to prepare the best talents in this emerging field. Learning gained through hands-on & real time experiences are of paramount importance at NSHM Knowledge Campus. Hence, alongside classroom teaching, it offers industry training through internships and a dynamic academia-industry interface, making education worthwhile.


Our Faculty

With over 300 permanent and guest faculty members, NSHM boasts of an interactive and stimulating learning environment where academic knowledge and overall growth and development of the students are taken care of.