• With a legacy spanning over two decades, NSHM Institute of Health Sciences boasts top-tier global placements, offering unparalleled placement opportunities to its students.
  • Backed by Central Government Agencies like DST, SERB, etc., our institute provides cutting-edge research facilities, fostering academic and scientific advancements.
  • Students have the opportunity to exchange knowledge, engage in intellectual discussions, and gain insights into the Health Science industry's future by interacting with industry experts, attending seminars and workshops.
  • Gain a profound understanding of the global transformation of the Health Science industry, transitioning from traditional paradigms to the digital era.
  • Seize the opportunity to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations, actively participating in cutting-edge research and emerging developments in the industry.
  • Strategic collaborations with esteemed partners ensure that students receive a comprehensive education aligned with industry standards and best practices.
    • Department of Pharm Tech, Jadavpur University: Our students benefit from a distinctive opportunity to engage in hands-on training with analytical instruments. Additionally, this collaboration offers research opportunities for postgraduate students.
    • Government Pharmacy College, Sikkim: The academic and research collaboration between NSHM Institute of Health Sciences and Government Pharmacy College Sikkim, enriches the educational experience for students.
    • Indian Pharmaceutical Association: The industry-academia interface with the Indian Pharmaceutical Association plays a pivotal role in developing healthcare professionals and advancing the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Key Facts
  • Scope & Career Opportunities
  • Course Details

Key Facts


2 years






PGECET and B.Pharma


To complete admission online, follow the steps below:
  • - Fill up the online application form
  • - Sit for ENPAT and personal interview
  • - Receive selection letter via e-mail
  • - Pay admission fees


  • KOLKATA - Master of Pharmacy - Pharmacology INR 1,01,875 (fee per semester)
-The fee structure is different for international students.-

Scope & Career Opportunities

The continuously evolving pharmaceutical industry is experiencing a shortage of skilled professionals. Pharmacy stands out as one of the fastest-growing sectors in India's healthcare industry, offering impressive career prospects and job opportunities. Graduates can choose to pursue higher education or enter the industry, where employment opportunities span various areas like:
  • -R&D roles within pharmaceutical, biotech, agro and FMCG sectors
  • -Researcher in Bio-safety Studies
  • -Quality Control
  • -Quality Assurance
  • -Drug Manufacturing
  • -Hospital/Clinical/Community Pharmacy
  • -Drug Regulatory Affairs
  • -Sales & Marketing
  • -Medical Writing
  • -Analytical R&D
  • -Formulation Development

Success Stories

Course Details

The core curriculum includes:

Course Breakup

  • Pharmacology
    What drugs do to the living organisms and how their effects can be applied to therapeutics. Information about the drugs like, mechanism of action, physiological and biochemical effects (pharmacodynamics) as well as absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (pharmacokinetics) along with the adverse effects, clinical uses, interactions, doses, contraindications and routes of administration of different classes of drugs. Fundamentals of various aspects (classification, mechanism of action, therapeutic effects, clinical uses, side effects, and contraindications) of drugs acting on different systems of the body, emphasis on the basic concepts of bioassay, drugs acting on the respiratory and gastrointestinal system, infectious diseases, immunopharmacology, principles of toxicology, and chrono-pharmacology
  • Pathophysiology
    Study of causes of diseases and reactions of the body to such disease producing causes. Thorough knowledge of the relevant aspects of the pathology of various conditions with reference to its pharmacological applications, and understanding of basic pathophysiological mechanisms. Baseline knowledge to practice medicine safely, confidently, rationally and effectively
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
    Fundamental knowledge on the structure and functions of the various systems of the human body, homeostatic mechanisms, and about the basic knowledge required to understand the various anatomical and physiological features and uses
  • Pharmacy Practice
    Practice of Hospital Pharmacy, skills like drug distribution, drug information, and therapeutic drug monitoring for improved patient care, dispensing of drugs, responding to minor ailments by providing suitable safe medication, and patient counselling for improved patient care in a community set up
  • Computer Applications in Pharmacy
    Introduction to databases, Database Management system, computer application in clinical studies and use of databases
  • Environmental Science
    The scientific study of the environmental system and the status of its inherent or induced changes on organisms, study of physical and biological characters of the environment but also the social and cultural factors and the impact of human on environment

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