Welcome to the NSHM XL programme - early admission drive for students aspiring to join NSHM Knowledge Campus, Kolkata. Studies suggest that after completing their +2 exams, students typically have a gap period of approximately 3 months during which they seek to enhance their CV and gain valuable experience. However, due to a lack of guidance or knowledge, they often end up taking the common path of enrolling in random courses or accepting part-time jobs that contribute very little value to their resume.

As the name suggests, this programme aims to foster career growth for the students by providing a comprehensive course module covering skills training, personality development, industry exposure through workshops, and much more. In addition, there are scholarship opportunities available as a bonus, further cementing NSHM XL's commitment - "Be the Best. Be the Next".

Seize the Advantage!

Our Early-Admission Drive offers a unique opportunity to propel your career forward. Here's a quick rundown

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Early Admission Advantage

Gain a competitive edge by securing your seat early. Stay ahead in your career journey with confidence from early admission.

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Career Hack Certified Programmes

Dive into specialised workshops, Certified Training programmes, Bootcamp & Foundation courses tailored to early-admission students. Enhance your skills and stand out in both academic and professional spheres.

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Merit-Based Scholarships

Unlock financial support with our merit-based scholarships. We recognize and reward excellence, making the educational path more accessible and rewarding.

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Experiential Learning

Gain a competitive edge with NSHM's Certification in Foreign Language, Skills Training, and Personality Development, empowering you for success in diverse professional landscapes.

Last date of registration - 30th April 2024