By Team NSHM | Mar 19, 2018

How to Shortlist the Best B- School for PGDM/ MBA in India?

After cracking several entrance aptitude tests, the struggle for the ultimate goal of MBA does not end- it only begins! The biggest initial hurdle is selecting the best B-school which will give the applicant the perfect course they desire.

Step 1: Introspect

To make your selection process smooth, we have come up with points which you need to consider while selecting the best institute for you. But before we start, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

• What is the purpose of my MBA?
• Which kind of specialisation are you comfortable with?
• Which field would you want to pursue your career in?
• What are your post MBA goals?

Answers to these questions will help bring down the number of business schools to chosen few. If you are through with this you have successfully accomplished step one.

Step 2: Zoom In

Now that we are through with the broader filtering in step 1, it is time to focus on the finer details. The following points are vital in finalizing a B-school.

• Accreditation – Look out for such b – schools which are approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). Management institutions are either affiliated to a university or are autonomous: each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Universities boast of a strong foundation and autonomous colleges have the advantage of updating the syllabi as per the need of the industry. Select the institute according to your preferences.

• Infrastructure – Make sure the institute is well equipped with state of the art infrastructure. This is essential to simulate a proper learning environment. So, consider it as your one of the cornerstones in the selection process. Also look for the various amenities the institute offers to the students like laptop, DSLR cameras, podcast etc. But don’t make these perqs your priority because it is the concept that will help you earn in future.

• Faculty – The right balance of experienced faculty is the mark of a good B-school. You get to learn the most from the faculty of your institute for they will shape your understanding about the core subjects. It will be best if the institute has faculty with degrees and experience as well.

 Step 3: Ask Around

Sometimes it is better to do a quick check on the credentials and claims of these institutes. If the placement and alumni network is highlighted then you can do a quick search to find out whether it holds weightage from their website and other social media channels. Apart from this the following can also provide valuable insights:

• Alumni Feedback – Note alumni reviews in terms of their learning experience, placements (expectations vs reality), industry exposure etc. You will get realistic insights about the institute through their reviews. Alumni networks play a long term vital role in your career. So, you should look for that too.

• Placement Records – We all pursue MBA with dream of either starting something of our own or for a dream job. Before enrolling to any university check their placement records of current and preceding five years. This will give you a somewhat clear understanding of the institute to match your placement expectations. An institute having good industrial linkage will help you to land a good opportunity post MBA.

Finally the decision is yours. For example: NSHM Knowledge Campus is considered among the top institutes offering a variety of specialisations in Eastern India which equips students with future ready courses. You might want to start your search here:

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