NSHM is one of the best institutes in India for pursuing Msc in Animation and Graphic Design where students are expected to become a complete professional in the field of Graphic Design and Animation, VFX and Game Art. The programme enables students to communicate with the help of pictures and other visual methods. The collaboration of NSHM Knowledge Campus with Toonz Animation India further increases the scope of learning and career opportunities. Specialized programmes on VFX & Game Art, regular workshops with international professionals, working on Live Projects as well as internship opportunities will enable students to build a foundation for creating designs that are appealing and functional for an audience.

The curriculum for the programme has been composed in such a way where, first two semesters comprise the foundation program. It enriches and nurtures students from various fields towards specialized and goal-based design research and project execution. The final two semesters are specialized semesters, where students can choose their area of specialization subject in Animation or Graphic Design. In the final Semester, all students have to execute their individual projects in their respective specialization along with the dissertation.

Programme Education Objective

  • Become a successful design professional capable of producing user-centric design of visual communication and animation applications.
  • Develop interdisciplinary approaches, creative and critical thinking in multi-disciplinary settings for design and development of solutions.
  • Attain the skills of group dynamics and contribute positively to co-creations and collaborative actions managing the self, and also leading teams, with ethics and values.
  • Pursue a career of lifelong learning for the continuous advancement of communication design and animation design in the best interest of enterprise, community and society.

Career Opportunities

90% of buyers prefer visual and interactive content over customary (static and text-based) media. Be it advertising, publishing, designing a website – demand of professionals with the knowledge of Visual Communication is extremely high.

After completion of this programme, students can pursue their career in the field of Animation and Graphic Design as

  • Graphic Designer
  • Storyboarding Artist
  • Character Designer
  • Layout & Background Artist
  • 2D Animator / 3D Animator
  • 3D Modeling-Texturing- Lighting Artist
  • Compositor
  • Roto Artist
  • VFX Artist
  • Digital Painter
  • Gaming Artist
  • Web Designer
  • UI Designer
  • Creative Director
  • Director – Animation/ Live Action
  • Academician – Faculty/ Professor
  • Entrepreneur – Studio Owner

Programme Structure

Core Curriculum

Design Studies

Principles & Elements of Design

basic elements and principles of Art and Design, design perspective, theoretical basis and elements of art and design

Interpretation of Design Research

explore and understand various Indian Art forms and graphical representation of research outcome.

Art and Design

isometric structure of objects, 3 dimensional drawing and space creation, proportions and structures, representation of 2D structure in 3d space, basic Maya modeling, constructional modeling, etc.

Cultural studies

understanding culture and community, community practices, society and community, and culture and society

2D & 3D design concepts

knowledge of converting sketches, rough concepts, 3D design, prototyping, ideas and traditional medium works into digital medium.

Design process

Understanding of forms & layouting

basic shapes, structure and geometrical forms with visual perspective.

Design and management -1

design thinking, fundamentals of UI/UX design, Game design, Advanced 2d design, 3D sculpting management and processes

Design Production and management

Design Dissertation-1

research design, analysis, research methods, research communication, etc.

Design portfolio

importance of the portfolio, and different types of portfolio and methodology in systematically developing individual project portfolio.

Design and management -2

strategies, processes, and business decisions that enable innovation and create effectively-designed products, services, communications, environments, and brands enhancing the quality of life and contributing to organisational success.

Design Dissertation -2

documentation of Project– project proposal to final documentation

Programme Type - PG

Duration - 2 years

Minimum Eligibility - Graduate in any stream (Bachelors in fine Arts, Animation will be preferable)

Degree Awarded By -

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