B.Tech. in Robotics Engineering will enable students to serve the society to automate their operations by implementing smart technologies. NSHM is among the few robotics training institutes in India where students will be thoroughly trained to work in the field of robotics and automation. The extended enthusiasm of current industry for improved efficiency and safety has led to a bigger need for skilled professionals in the vast field of robotics and automation in India.

This specialisation enriches a graduate level student of Mechanical Engineering with designing, manufacturing, applications and operations of robots. Students’ understanding of the analytical ability of robotics will be enriched by using different tools to analyse, planning and control of motions of the robot and writing program using robotics programming software. They will also learn various cross-platforms to program real life robots used as industrial robot manipulators and mobile robots.

Programme Education Objective

  • Prepare students strong fundamental knowledge in engineering and automation so as to enable them to analyse and solve the Robotics engineering problems by applying core competence and professionalism and upgrading of technical skills in classical software packages, for design, fabrication and installation of the automated systems.
  • Enable them to seek opportunities in all related fields of engineering in different industrial environments and multidisciplinary settings with continuous learning, research and development, moral and ethical values.

Career Opportunities

Robotics & automation engineering scope in India exist in the fields like industrial automation, manufacturing, agriculture, mining, aerospace, healthcare and defence. This specialization also finds applications in the regular streams like design engineering, electronics engineering and applied streams of engineering. Job profiles after studying B.Tech in Robotics include:

  • Robotics test engineers/analysts
  • Robot design engineers
  • Robotics system engineer
  • Senior robotics specialist
  • Robotics technicians
  • Robotics programmer
  • Aerospace robotics engineer
  • Quality assurance technician

Programme Type - UG

Duration - 4 years

Eligibility - 10+2 passed in Science stream. Qualifying entry requirement: WBJEE and JEE (Main).

Degree Awarded By -

Fee Details

  • Durgapur


Payment Date

Lump Sum PaymentYearly Payment Payment DeadlineSemester Payment
Academic Fee INR 2,97,600 INR 80,000 INR 43,850
Non-Academic Fee INR 20,000 INR 7,500 INR 6,250
Within 15 days of Admission INR 3,17,600 INR 87,500 INR 50,100
Academic Fee INR 43,850
Non-Academic Fee INR 1,250
By 30th Nov, 2021 INR 45,100
Academic Fee INR 82,000 INR 44,950
Non-Academic Fee INR 2,500 INR 1,250
By 31st May, 2022 INR 84,500 INR 46,200
Academic Fee INR 44,950
Non-Academic Fee INR 1,250
By 30th Nov, 2022 INR 46,200
Academic Fee INR 84,000 INR 46,050
Non-Academic Fee INR 2,500 INR 1,250
By 31st May, 2023 INR 86,500 INR 47,300
Academic Fee INR 46,050
Non-Academic Fee INR 1,250
By 30th Nov, 2023 INR 47,300
Academic Fee INR 86,000 INR 45,350
Non-Academic Fee INR 7,500 INR 1,250
By 31st May 2024 INR 93,500 INR 46,600
Academic Fee INR 40,350
Non-Academic Fee INR 6,250
By 30 Nov 2024 INR 46,600
Total Fees: INR 3,17,600 INR 3,52,000 INR 3,75,400

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Debabrata Roy

Asst. Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Upgrading with the rapid technological advancements, passionate engineers are taking up several new domains in mechanical engineering and Robotics is one of them. This interdisciplinary stream of engineering combines mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science. This specialisation programme at NSHM enriches a graduate level student of Mechanical Engineering with designing, manufacturing, applications and operations of robots which can open a horizon of opportunities for them.

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