The three-year B.Sc. in dietetics and nutrition teaches students how to create a healthy diet for people as well as how to control their food intake, their eating habits, and their lifestyle. It is primarily concerned with the science of dietetics and nutrition. Students of this curriculum get knowledge about managing lifestyle, eating and food habits, one’s ability to prepare a proper diet for others, the ability to manage a balanced diet, etc. The course provides important insights into nutrition and food microbiology, two topics that are essential for maintaining a daily appropriate healthy diet.

Program Education Objective

Graduates will be able to demonstrate the following program outcomes:

  • PO1- Knowledge in Dietetics and Nutrition: Apply the knowledge of dietetics and nutrition in the practical field.
  • PO2- Design/Development of Solutions: Identify, formulate, review the dietary solutions on various health problems with appropriate consideration of nutritional requirements.
  • PO3- Dietetics & Nutrition Professional and Society: Create, select and apply techniques, resources and modern tools and techniques to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to the professional field.
  • PO4- Individual and team work: Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams and in multidisciplinary settings.
  • PO5- Communication: Communicate effectively on various activities and with the community at large, such as being able to counsel people of various age groups on health and write effective reports and design documentation, make effective presentations.
  • PO6- Lifelong Learning: Recognize the need and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the field of food and health industry.

Career Opportunities

  • Food Science and Technology
  • Sports Nutritionist
  • Public Health Nutritionist
  • Clinical Nutritionist
  • Nutritionist
  • Research Manager
  • Registered Dietician
  • Food Researcher
  • Food and Nutrition Quality Management Officer
  • Food Processing Manager
  • Dietician

Core Areas

Core Curriculum

Basics of Nutrition

Fundamentals of Dietetics and Nutrition

To impart basic knowledge about nutrition,energy, growth and development.

Develop knowledge regarding macro- and micro-nutrients and their role in nutrition

Microbiology of Food

Theory and Practice
  • To familiarize students with the general characteristics and growth characteristics of microbes.
  • To develop an understanding of spoilage microorganisms and their effects on food and to get an idea about beneficial organisms.
  • To impart basic knowledge about the microbes present in the environment and handling of waste disposal.

Basic Chemistry / Human Physiology

Understanding of the fundamental theories and basic concepts of chemistry & Practical

Understanding of the fundamental theories and basic concepts of Thermodynamics.
Understanding of the fundamental theories and applications of the concepts of dilute solutions, Colligative properties, Electrochemistry, Ionic Equilibrium.


To impart basic knowledge about the organelles of a typical cell and to describe their functions.

To develop an idea on Circulatory and Excretory system, Digestive System, Respiratory System, Immune System

Food Science

Structure & Properties of Various Food Components

Understand and remember the concept of food groups and their functions , Know about pulses and grams


Familiarize with milk and beverages./ Understand and remember the concept of meat.

Diet Therapy

Understand, remember and apply the knowledge and skills

To know the nutritional energy calculation, and energy management.
To know the different lifestyle diseases, corresponding diet, and dietary management

Public Health

Understand and remember and understand the concept of the community/ nutritional assessment

To identify individuals or population groups at risk of becoming malnourished

To know the steps and methods involved in nutrition and health education.

To evaluate nutrition and health education programmes

Programme Type - UG

Duration - 3 years

Minimum Eligibility - Valid Class XII Pass in any Stream

Degree Awarded By -

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