By Team NSHM | Apr 18, 2018

MHA Vs MBA: What’s the best for Hospital Administration?

We have seen that students often get confused between Master in Hospital Administration and MBA for a career in Hospital Administration and we can’t blame them. They sound almost similar and both of them are valid for management recruitments in the hospital & health care industries. But there are striking differences between these two courses- this article will help you find out how.

Master in Hospital Administration (MHA) 

Before discussing about the differences, let’s first know about these courses in a bit detail. The Master of Hospital Administration (MHA) aims to develop professional managers for the rapidly growing healthcare and hospital sector. It prepares students for leadership roles through in depth training in subjects that cover planning, operations and project management of hospitals. This includes orientation in the managerial aspects of clinical and support services. This course also provides training in managing financial, material and information systems in hospital settings and builds the perspectives, attitudes and skills needed for managing people.

Master in Business Administration (MBA)

MBA is designed to offer students a solid background in business management coupled with healthcare administration if the said is a specialization. The students are taught to deal with social, ethical, political, economic and legal challenges that form a part of the hospital administration. The core curriculum revolves around planning, project and operational management, finance, material planning and human resource management to help them develop astute leadership and management skills. MBA aims to build a student’s capability to meet real business challenges and management in today’s drastic economy. The curriculum aims to cover conceptual and quantitative skills which are crucial to future managers across industries and not just healthcare.

The Point Of Difference

Now that we know what they individually mean, let’s come to the differences.

  • The main point of difference is MHA deals with the study related to run the entire healthcare organization while the later handles the staffing of the healthcare units.
  • MHA is the programme which dives deeper into the health care management and leadership. Its curriculum involves core business classes, but unlike the MBA, the core classes are focused on business as a whole, regardless of industry.
  • Compared to a MBA, the MHA graduate will be heavily rooted in the business side of health care and prepared for a career focused on health care leadership.
  • MHA is a good transition degree for someone who doesn’t have a core healthcare background, but would like to transit into it.

Despite the above differences,

  • Both programmes teach students to deal with finance, marketing, and operations wings that are relevant in hospital industry.
  • Both programmes concentrate on developing knowledge, skill and attitude that are crucial to Hospital Managers.
  • Both help to develop expertise in a student w.r.t. to planning and management by providing the student with problem solving methods.

Making the Right Choice

Now the question is which is the right direction? For this you need to introspect by asking the right questions.  Where have you been? And where do you want to see yourself in the future?

–          If you’re coming from a health care background, or you know for sure that it is in health care administration that you’ll give your best then, a MHA is the way forward.

–          If someone is potentially interested in health care but isn’t sure about where he or she wants to end up, then he or she should start with the MBA in Hospital Administration. The degree will position them to move into different industries.

Both of the courses are equally valuable and the outcomes are great for either program, choose what suits you the best. For a good starting point choose an institute that provides both the courses. You can look into NSHM Knowledge Campus, one of the biggest and most sought after institutions in Eastern India that offers both these courses.

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