By Team NSHM | Feb 21, 2018

MAT 2018 Preparation Tips

Management Aptitude Test (MAT) is a standardized national level test administered by the All India Management Association (AIMA) to facilitate B-Schools to screen candidates for admission into MBA and allied management courses. In a way, it acts as a passport to over 600 business schools across India.

Basic Qualification Requirements

Before we dig more into MAT, first let’s discuss about the eligibility requirements. To appear for MAT, one must have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline. Final year students can also appear as per the prescribed MAT eligibility criteria. No restrictions on age limitations have been prescribed by the authority.

Advantages of MAT

MAT has a whole kitty of benefits over other tests like CAT, XAT, and GATE etc. The first and the foremost is its difficulty level. Compared to other tests, the difficulty level of MAT is low. Secondly the validity of a MAT score is one year. Finally and most importantly, it facilitates the option of selecting 5 free choices of Management Institutes in order of preference in the application form.

Examination Pattern & Other Details

The format is basically a bi-modular 150 minutes long test conducted online and on paper. The Paper Based Test is conducted on the first Sunday of February, May, September and December from 10 am to 12.30pm followed by a Computer Based Test conducted 6 days from the paper based exam in different time slots.
– No. of Questions: 200
– Marking Scheme: 1 mark for each question
– Negative Marking: ¼ of the total marks or 0.25 mark
– No. of Sections: 5 (40 questions in each section)
– Sections: The questions revolve around the following topics: Language Comprehension, Intelligence and Critical Reasoning, Data Analysis and Sufficiency, Mathematical Skills, Indian and Global Environment.

Examination Preparation Tips

Finally let’s talk about how to approach this in the best possible way to reach our MBA goals.
– Strategic Planning- MAT is comparatively easy. If you study in a routine manner you’ll easily crack it. Build a strategic study plan. Schedule your time for every subject. Concentrate on your weakness more.
– Read Different Articles- MAT is mainly concept driven. To improve your general awareness, read as many informative articles you can in different genres. The varied articles will shape up your concept and help you to crack the exam with excellent marks. The best way to do this is by actually making a habit of reading the newspaper thoroughly.
– Regular Practice- We all know that “Practice makes one perfect”. MAT is no exception. The more you will practice, the more accurate your answers will be. Not only that, regular practice will enhance your speed and accuracy. It will also help you practise time management which is highly imperative to accomplish perusing 200 questions within 150 minutes.
– Solve Sample Questionnaires- After you’re done with your preparation, test yourself by solving sample questions. This self assessment technique will tell you where you are standing in terms of your preparation. This will also acquaint you with the exam style and take away the exam sting.
– Be Confident- Finally, you have to be confident about your preparation. Remember you’ve done your best to prepare yourself for this exam. So don’t throw it away in a single test of nerves at the examination hall.
The MAT exam in May 2018 is your final chance to start MBA in the current ensuing session. Don’t give up on this chance. Admissions for MBA in eastern India are open. One of the best educational institutes in eastern India also accepts valid MAT scores.

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