By Team NSHM | Jul 20, 2016

What makes you join Civil Engineering?

Going back in time, it is seen that Civil Engineering is the second oldest branch of engineering after Military Engineering.

Even the things as fun and casual as the popular water slides in water parks, are designed by Civil Engineers. The designing is very well calculated in order to make the ride work smoothly with the help of Water Pumps and Discharge Systems.

Civil Engineering dates back to that ancient time when the first pyramid was designed, or even when someone built the first house! This, it is one of the oldest disciplines of Engineering which has both scientific as well as artistic aspect to it. This particular branch of Engineering involves planning, designing, construction and maintenance of the various structures adorning the man-made environment.

A student choosing Civil Engineering opens two major paths for him. He can either enter the industry with a job or head into academics to become a professor by higher studies. But before choosing this path, it is very important for a student to find out if he has the passion and dedication required in this field of engineering.

We need the help of Civil Engineers all the time in our day to day lives. Right from building a house to stay to the availability of drinking water, from the transportations we use to the roads which take us to our destination, everything is designed and planned with the help of Civil Engineering. Apart from the basic Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering, there are also other branches like Water Resource Engineering, Earthquake Engineering and Environmental Engineering.

Why should you take a job in the field of Civil Engineering?

Salary structure and the multiple job opportunities, including opportunities in the Indian Army as well the Navy, can be considered to be the main reasons for such advancement in this field of education. Many websites provide job opportunities to prospecting Civil Engineers fresh out of college, like,,, etc.

What can you do otherwise?

Other options taken up by the 21st century students are that of higher education and appearing for examinations like GATE.

With a booming industry and more than decent salary structure, Civil Engineering is quite a shot for the ones about to enter college as very important chapter of their lives begin.