By Team NSHM | Jul 8, 2019

Indian News Media: Evolution and Future Challenges

Indian news media has come a long way since the sixties. And while many claim that the changes in the last couple of decades have been for the worst, with sensationalism being rampant amongst tough competition, it doesn’t look all that bad. The Indian news media evolution looked something like this:

  • No Choice Phase: Where government broadcasting was the only source of news and entertainment in the form of Doordarshan.
  • Created Choice Phase: Where government broadcasting put forth options in the form of special shows.
  • Initial Choice Phase: Where private players entered the market creating actual options for viewing.
  • Multi-Choice Phase: Where there was a boom in the number of news channels starting with the year 2003.
  • Phase of Regional Choice: Where regional news channels started to crop up offering choice of both content and language.
  • Phase of Niche and Analysis: Where a new category of news channels came up that focused only on business and entertainment and only featured their own niche content.

All of this culminated in not just more nuanced content but also an availability of opposing views that lets the audience form their own informed opinions. But with the current scenario comes certain disadvantages that threaten the existence of the industry altogether. Some of them are:

  • Revenue: Abundance of choice and excessive competition might lead to audience fragmentation and resultant revenue problems.
  • Subscription Models: The question of whether to provide news channels in a bouquet or standalone channels. While a bouquet provides diverse content and makes for a good revenue model, standalone channels can provide regional content and remain on different political spectrums.
  • Audience Measurement Techniques:Methods like TRP have been heavily criticized for accuracy aside from not being available in real time.

So, while this evolving environment does pose some challenges, they are not of a magnitude that can’t be addressed with prompt action. Television news can continue to thrive in India as long as networks keep striving to increase their reach and stay open to utilizing newer revenue models even if it is at a short-term cost.

While the industry evolves so do its various job roles. The challenge remains in staying relevant with times by getting the right knowledge base to ride the change. This is why NSHM Knowledge Campus prepared industry ready courses in UG & PG to keep media science professionals relevant across developments and changes. Looking for such industry ready professional courses at Eastern India’s best education institute?

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