By Team NSHM | Jul 26, 2019

Importance of Yoga in Everyday life

Yoga means Union. It is the union of the ego-self with the divine self. Yoga asana helps to keep the body healthy and disease-free. More and more youth are getting benefited from different yoga asanas. Many people around the world are taking up yoga and making it a part of their profession. Celebrities too are getting influenced by the benefits that come with yoga. They are popularizing it by posting videos across social media.

So why is Yoga becoming so popular? Apart from the fact that it is a free-hand way of exercise which is not limited to gyms, the biggest USP of Yoga is its health benefit. Yoga is amazing for the mind and body. Even if one practices yoga for one hour a week, they can see the benefits that are associated with yoga. These include:  

  • Strengthening the mind and relieves stress
  • Protect the body from injury caused by over-exercise, accidents and age
  • Help the process of weight loss through improved metabolism
  • Improves Immunity from a host of bodily disorders
  • Improves flexibility and body posture that aides recovery

Yoga in Everyday Life

A normal yoga asana session lasts up to 60 minutes. Although small sessions of yoga asana too can help you to improve flexibility, fitness, endurance and body balance. But the more you practice the more improvement you get to see in yourself. Experts suggest that yoga done twice or thrice a week will surely benefit the beginners.

Yoga Hacks for Curing Ailments

  • Here are some simple yoga hacks which will surely help you cure the most common ailments associated with everyday life.
  • Viparita Karani for Headache & Stress– The perfect pose for relieving stress from the body. Just raise your legs up against the wall. This will help you to slow your heart rate and even calm the mind. It even helps if you have sleeplessness.
  • Pawanmuktasana for Gas– You can get rid of your gas problem by following Pawanmuktasana. All you need to do is lie down on your mat and lift your right leg close to your chest and grasp it with both hands. Make sure your chin touches your knee. You can repeat this with both the legs.
  • Uttanasana for Back & Shoulder Ache- Uttanasana serves as great stress and tension reliever. This asana helps improve your posture. Stand with your feet apart and drop your head forward and body downwards. Bend your knees and place your fingers together behind your back. This helps in stretching your shoulder and back muscles.
  • Balasana for Improving Focus- Balasana also known as Child’s pose is a very simple form of yoga asana which helps to improve focus. This asana requires you to sit on your heels with your knees apart. Place your hands on the floor in front of you, with your eyes closed. Breathe deeply and focus on the area that lies between the eyebrows.

Yoga as a Profession

Yoga has been widely explored by the youth in recent times. Many are making it their profession and exploring fields like that of a yoga instructor, yoga therapist, health trainer, assisting clinical psychologists and practicing in different Ayurvedic colleges, hospitals, and clinics. In recent times, there is a trend of professional degree courses in yoga which will help you make a career in this field. NSHM Knowledge Campus is known to identify new opportunities for career development. Starting from this academic year NSHM introduces B.Sc. in Yoga & M.Sc. in Yoga for anyone who looks at making a career in this direction. Click here to know more: