By Team NSHM | Jul 19, 2018

Human Computing is the future of Corporate Edge

Which are the key areas of application of this course?

  • It will give you a thorough knowledge of algorithms, methods and techniques from the domain of Artificial Intelligence and Human Computing.
  • It will help to understand and develop intelligent systems in a wide variety of settings.
  • It will create a skill set to develop solutions for real time problems.
  • It will equip one with skills to provide scientific and technological advice in a professional setting.

With the help of an extended learning framework, NSHM will provide project oriented learning and make things clearer when they venture out to face real world problems.

What are the sectors that will employ post graduates of this course?

Since this is a Masters degree in Human Computing and Artificial Intelligence, it will give students the opportunity to

  • Obtain positions in a research institute or research-oriented company.
  • Obtain doctoral and management positions at various universities and government institutions.
  • Obtain positions in the various R&D departments in the industry.
  • Provide management and consultancy services in KPOs or own company.

What are the key research areas that will open up to the post graduates?

The prominent areas of research with the knowledge on Artificial Intelligence and Human Computing can be:

  • Machine learning skills to explore relations within datasets
  • Autonomous intelligent systems and their collaboration with multiple systems
  • Utilizing AI to operate in environments based on uncertain observations
  • Formal techniques for reasoning used in real time scenarios
  • Techniques for representing knowledge using AI
  • Techniques for controlling virtual characters in commercial video games
  • Extracting vital information and knowledge from unstructured text
  • User experience research

Why study Human Computing or HCI?

Human Computing is the foundation of the digital world. Everything we build will ultimately face human interaction at any given point. Thus as machines get more and more complex, the nature of its interaction must be understood, otherwise we risk losing efficiency and capability because of the gap in human-computer interaction and assessment. This can prove to be a major business bottleneck.

On top of that, if you are a business that doesn’t understand HCI, but your product has people and computer interaction in even the smallest bit, then you face a severe competitive disadvantage. With every company having a website, this interaction will be vital in the digital age.

The clearer understanding of user interaction and and user experience can lead to keeping customers more engaged, which in turn would lead to a more profitable outcome. Therefore it is essential for every business to benefit from the Human Computing Interface. This PG degree from NSHM will give students that competitive edge against their peers to land a better and strategically significant job in any organization.