By Team NSHM | Jul 5, 2019

Hotel Management Industry: The Suite Life

The experience of staying at a five-star hotel is something that everyone looks forward to. Everyone loves a reprieve from the bump and grind of a work trip or just a comfy vacation experience. Stay at a five star luxury treat is something no one will be able to turn down.  So we check in to a plush hotel and suddenly everything around us functions seamlessly.  While the functions of the establishment seem simple enough, it’s actually like a complex, well-oiled machine. Every section of the hotel, from the front desk to the kitchens and laundry rooms, work in tandem with each other in order to give the guests the a comfortable and memorable experience. Here is how it all works out:

The Welcome: Front Desk

Staffed by personnel specialized in customer service and administration, one’s five-star experience starts at the front desk. Aside from check-in formalities and arrangements, they also have to co-ordinate staff on behalf of the guests and keep track of bookings and events. These are trained professionals in Hotel Management that ensure the world around the guests is primed to perfection.

The Comfort: Support Staff

While guests head straight for their rooms, there is a team prepping up the same with a bunch of different skill sets. From the bellhop that facilitates your luggage, to the housekeeping staff that preps the room to guest specifications before their arrival, to the hands on staff ready and standing by round the clock to cater to the guest’s every need. This includes providing fresh linens, emergency repairs and more. It takes a village to turn every room into a piece of paradise.

The Gourmet: Kitchen & Culinary Staff

When you walk in to the lavish multi-cuisine breakfast spread, it shows off the diversity of the chefs and their specialties at work.  While Hotel Management graduates often take up these posts, so do graduates of Culinary Science and the like. Many hotels hire catering services for conferences and have specialized kitchens for room service, but all of them host a number of restaurants, each with a kitchen specializing in a specific cuisine.

The Experience: Concierge & Wellness Staff

A five-star hotel’s job isn’t just providing accommodation. It is also about enhancing the guests’ overall experience during their stay. A concierge, often trained in Travel and Tourism, can do everything from plan itineraries for guests who are vacationing to book cabs for picking up or dropping businesspersons. For more of a stay-cation purpose, guests love spa & wellness services. With a good push towards all things ayurvedic and fitness oriented, yoga and spa specialists also play a vital role in this team.

The Know-it-all: Hotel Manager

For a Hotel Manager, managing all of the above means maintaining administrative discipline and mentoring based on which the entire team would function. Therefore experience and in-depth knowledge of operations is essential for this role to maintain goodwill for guests to come back to again and again. While the staff of a five-star hotel is split up into various departments, much like any other workplace their functions complement each other. Even though Hospitality graduates make up the bulk of the staff, the jobs require different skill sets that come from training in travel or the culinary arts. Depending on the individuals’ talents and interests there are actually a number of avenues one can take to end up with a job at a five-star hotel and make their dreams of the luxe life come true. To explore courses in each department to land a role in this booming industry click here