By Team NSHM | Dec 27, 2017

The Evolution of Louboutin

Not so long ago, shoes were just a necessary accessory to cover our feet and protect it. Comfort took priority over design. While that is still the heart of making any good shoe, fashion evolved over the years to make this accessory an icon of glamour as well. This shift in conventional approach to shoes found its biggest success in the iconic fashion brand Louboutin.

The Designer

This French luxury brand is named after the designer Christian Louboutin. But his beginnings are far from elite. Born in Paris in 1963, Christian stood out for his unconventional looks which made him look more Egyptian than Parisian. He was expelled from school thrice! Finally the twelve year old ran away from home and lived in Egypt and India for a year. But come what may, he never stopped himself from following his passion. He started his career as a freelancer from 1979-80. Initially he designed shoes for stage artist and soon he started designing shoes for eminent fashion houses like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Diane von Furstenberg to name a few. This gave him the confidence to open his first store.

Christian Louboutin dared to dream something new and unconventional in shoes. But he ended up cracking the question that has befuddled people for generations- what do women want? Being an only brother to three sisters took him closer to decoding female fashion with the right blend of beauty and style. The fact that this brand is the most coveted one among ladies is the perfect validation to the success of his designs. But what makes these so popular? Let’s find out.

The Brand

Three time LBSI (Luxury Brand Status Index) winner is a big accolade associated with the brand. What makes the shoes stand out is the iconic ‘red sole stiletto’. The legend of the ‘red sole stiletto’ began with a sign barring women from wearing stilettos at a French Museum. Determined to prove this wrong, he decided to bring back stilettos into fashion. His tryst with Roger Viver, the main who claimed to invent stilettos, proved valuable. Red was a striking and passionate colour that added the final flirtatious touch to it making it stand out from other brands. A move which won their first customer – Princess Caroline of Monaco!

Their customized designing of shoes made it a major hit with the fashion brands and women alike. The rest as they say is history. The success of the shoes extended into men’s shoes, handbags and purses. This catapulted CL into becoming the most searched shoe brand online in 2011.

In 2012, the brand entered into the beauty market.  In 2015, a lipstick collection of 38 different tones was introduced. By 2016, they entered the fragrance category with the introduction of three brand new perfumes. The brand has since found presence in the world market with stores all over the globe.

Their latest collaboration was with high end Indian couture brand Sabyasachi, which brought them into the Indian luxury market.

What Louboutin Teaches Us

–          Follow your passion, but make sure you have the proper training to back it up to create better designs.

–          Dare to think in a different way in order to stand out. Don’t bother if it is not the usual conventional approach. If Christian would have thought like this, then brand Louboutin as we know it would never exist.

–          Finally, never stop dreaming- dream to dare and dare to dream.