Apr 23, 2019

Kalpona Theke Alpona, A #WomenInCulture Event

NSHM, in its contribution to the 6th annual Museum Week, is hosting Kalpona Theke Alpona at NSHM Knowledge Campus,  Kolkata, a #WomenInCulture event. Museum Week takes place across the city with fun and educational cultural events. One of this year’s theme for the city-wide series of events is Women In Culture and NSHM is hosting Kalpona Theke Alpona in honor of just that. The event, taking place on the 25th of April from 2 pm, will comprise of:

  • Broto Alpona Screening: A documentary screening on the sacred art of painting practiced during auspicious occasions in Bengali culture. The screening will be followed by a discussion on the film and of the cultural practice of alpona.
  • Alpona Drawing Competition: A screening event of a film about alpona cannot be complete without some actual alpona drawing to bring the vent to life. The alpona drawing competition will be followed by a prize distribution once the screening is complete.

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