By Team NSHM | Jan 7, 2019

The Baraat Business: Indian Wedding Industry & its Prospects

One occasion where Indians really know how to throw a party is during a wedding. “The Big Fat Indian Wedding” is now a globally popular adage. The Indian wedding sector today is organized with wedding planners and specialized vendors entering the market. This professionalized version of the Indian wedding market is supposed to be valued at approximately Rs. 50,000 Crores in 2018, according to some studies. So what makes this such a lucrative business? Let us decode it here:

  • New-Age Wedding Planning: No more rushing around to prospective venues and haggling with vendors. New age event management companies and wedding planners take care of all those hassles for the newlyweds-to-be. Unlike the old times, weddings now mean that couples and their family can enjoy the wedding while someone else ensures that the event goes off without a hitch.
  • Destination Weddings Are In: While Lake Como, Lake Pichola and Rajasthan’s Palaces hogged the headlines, celebrities getting hitched in these beautiful exotic locations have spiked up more interest in destination weddings than before. Budget versions of the same are becoming more and more in demand amongst those aspiring to emulate the celebrity lifestyle.
  • Luxury Wedding Planning: Luxury wedding planners are also on top of their game these days. As people are competing to host weddings more lavish than the last one, luxury wedding planners are meeting the ever increasingly ‘classy’ wedding demands of the market. From flying in German orchids from Switzerland to hosting private concerts with Beyonce, a luxe planner will stop at nothing to turn your wedding into a magnum opus. After all, everyone should have a shot at making the wedding section of Page 3.

Bottom line – there is immense scope in the wedding market in India. Here’s how you can opt for a career in the Baraat Business which is expanding 20% per year!

  • Catering:Good food ensures great wedding! So, the importance of food at an event where two hearts meet cannot be overstated. The Indian catering industry, alone, is worth Rs. 15,000 Crore, with a lot of scope for young talented professionals in the field. Professionals from backgrounds such as culinary schools or hospitality schools would be in high demand.
  • Travel Planning:Thanks to the popularity of destination weddings, travel & tourism management is a key planning element. Graduates with experience in travel would be invaluable to wedding planning and even event management companies that organize destination weddings, as they would possess necessary expertise to organize such a huge event in an exotic location seamlessly.
  • Fashion Designing:Changing trends also reflect on the synchronized garbs of the wedding party. Starting from applying colour themes, picking out the best outfit right down to styling and saree draping, everything has to be perfect. A designer and a stylist is something every Bridal party needs for that perfect insta click!
  • Videography: Finally the pictures! Everyone needs a good photographer to bring their fairy tales to life.So editors, photographers and storytellers are the creative minds necessary to give that magical touch which brings out the best version of the bride & grooms at the Shaadi.
  • Management:The food and frills of a wedding aren’t of any use if there’s no one to put them together and organize everything to the T. Management graduates with background in Event Management will have an edge in this rapidly growing industry which has a dearth of qualified professionals.

So, if you love grand events and have your eye on the wedding industry, one of the best Institutes in Eastern India has a variety of courses to get you industry ready and help you live your dream.