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My Call

MyCall is an innovative tool devised by Prof Krishnendu Sarkar, NCMT, Kolkata, which is a metrics based student performance management for total quality management of professional education.   It aims to extract the best performance from a student in a well-rounded perspective involving a set of Performance Domains along with its relative weigtages. At NCMT, that set comprise the Domains as below.

Performance Domains and Weightage ( set by NCMT Kolkata for its UG students)

Performance Domain Relative Weightage
Punctuality 2.5
Internal Test(s) 2.5
On-Campus Presentability 0.5
Extra-Curricular Achievements 0.5
Co-Curricular Achievements 0.5
WBUT Semester Result 1.5
Good Citizenship 1
NCMT Brand Ambassador 1

Each of the Performance Domains a student is required to assign a performance-target value in the scale of 10 points. For example if he/she is setting a 75% attendance target for the ensuing Semester then he/she is providing 7.5 as the MyCall score against the Domain ‘Punctuality’. Likewise, all the other domain essentials are made known to all the UG students …so that they can assign their MyCall scores against all domains during the start of a Semester. As part of a mid-semester appraisal of MyCall targets provided the Institute assigns a CV (Considered Value) , which is based on actual indicators of performances against each of the domains. And, finally, the Institute provides a FCV (Final CV) after the end semester results from University (WBUT) are available.

The Overall Performance (in the concerned Semester Period) is calculated as
?( Weightage X FinalCV of each Domain)/ 10
The MyCall Cards can be seen online from NSHM’s website by interested groups like Parents and even the Employers. Arguably, MyCall is one unique tool for effective Student Performance Management …practiced at NSHM College of Management & Technology in Kolkata.