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Y FM NSHM Community Radio

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Go live on air. In college. 

NSHM Knowledge Campus is the first private college in the eastern part of India to start its very own broadcasting radio station, 91.2 Y FM NSHM Community Radio.  With an aim to create awareness on social activities and issues trending the region, health & holistic well-being of mankind and educational development of the youth, the station operates various programmes from Kolkata Campus. Listeners residing within 10 km radius from the station can only tune in. Besides educating, informing or entertaining, it focuses on the all-round development of the community by discussing on the major issues faced by the community.

Broadcast timings-

 Available from Monday to Sunday

Timing: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Programmes on 91.2 Y FM

Aradhana: A show which focuses on spirituality and discusses on theology is aired daily in the morning along with some soulful devotional songs.

Naye Dishari:  An NGO based show focusing on the people suffering from Thalassemia and drug abuse. The objective of the programme is to reach out to people who seek help from the NGOs.

Annyadata: The objective of the programme is to help the farmers with inputs from experts required for plantation of crops. Additional District Officers from the Agriculture Department of the Government of West Bengal and also agricultural scientists from research institutes like Vivekananda Institute of Bio-Technology visit the studio to share tips for good cultivation.

Kichu Katha Kichu Gaan:   Popular singers of yesteryear are invited to perform in the studio.  Upcoming singers of the community get an opportunity to perform along with the popular singers, a programme which is very inspiring and motivating. The programme is a platform for the upcoming artists of the community. Even student gets chance to perform in the programme.

Aajker Bhabna: Writers belonging to the community are invited to the studio to talk about their body of work and future works.

Turn off Music: English songs sung by students and members of the community are broadcast in this programme.

Rockbaazi: Bangla bands have become very popular in the city. The programme invites different bands from the city to perform in the studio.

Aajker Bishoy:  This programme discusses contemporary issues affecting the community directly or indirectly.

Business Mantra:A show which shares tips on money management. Financial experts are invited to the studio to guide the investors about safe investment avenues.

Duniya Gol Hai: Various tour plans and popular tourist destinations across India are discussed in this programme.

Galpo: Stories of renowned authors are read in this programme. One can listen to the popular stories while on the move.

Hello Doctor: The show focuses on health related issues. Doctors are invited to the studio to discuss on the seasonal diseases and the measures to be taken to prevent such diseases are discussed at length in this programme.

Maatir Gaan: Folk singers from different regions like Nadia, Bankura, Birbhum and Purulia, among others have recorded songs which are broadcast in this programme.

Music Adda: Songs that are selected by the RJs are broadcast.

Randhunir Ranna: Reporters visit the home of community members, collect and share the recipes of the regional food.

We Care: This programme provides counselling guidance to people who are in need which are broadcasted on it. Counsellors are invited to the studio to discuss on different problems faced by mankind.

Shraddhanjali: This programme pays tribute to legends of Indian history.

Jalsaghar: This programme broadcasts classical and semi-classical vocal music. Even members of the community are asked to perform.

Tomar Sathe: Senior citizens of the community are a part of this programme. They talk about their daily lives, trials and tribulations.

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