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Candle March for the victims of the Earthquake @ NSHM Durgapur

April 25, 2015 at 12:37 PM

A devastating earthquake shook Nepal and different parts of India on 25th April. Over 8000 people died and lakhs of people were left homeless. In NSHM, we have more than 150 students from Nepal, studying Optometry and other courses. To express our solidarity with those who have been afflicted, team members of NSHM and students from all portals, organized a candle march in our Durgapur campus today. More than 300 students along with their faculty members took part in this event. Mr. Amitabh Dey, Principal.SOHM, Dr. Bijoy Bhujabal, Principal, NBS and Dr. Niloy.Sarkar, Dean NCMT lead the event.

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