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Master of Business Administration (MBA) (2 years, Full Time)


NSHM’s MBA course is designed to bring out the best in you. With our 2 Years Full Time Master of Business Administration program, you will be armed with all the technical and soft skills that a person needs to start a rewarding and meaningful career. The knowledge, experience and the skills that you will acquire via our MBA Program (available in both NSHM Kolkata and Durgapur Knowledge Campuses) will eventually help you scale the corporate ladder with confidence.

[College Code Kolkata: NCMTKOL]    [College Code Durgapur: NKCGOIDGP]

MBA Course Details
Course Level Post Graduation
Duration 2 Years
Eligibility Graduation
Type Degree
Specialisations Marketing, Finance & HRM

Approved by AICTE, our full time MBA course is aimed to bring out the leadership potential and strengthen business management skills of the students so that they can face the challenges of the future successfully.

To succeed in a volatile, complex and ever evolving corporate environment, you need to have the confidence and the right set of skills. Thankfully NSHM’s Full-Time MBA curriculum will get you prepared to face that with an envious skill-set. This includes critical thinking, problem solving, strategic leadership, collaborative teamwork, etc. are all well integrated into a comprehensive MBA curriculum so that our students can get a clear idea of how business organizations operate in the real-world.

Learn latest business practices, improve your critical thinking prowess and gain valuable industry insights with NSHM, a top MBA college with campuses in Kolkata and Durgapur.

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Scope & Career Opportunities

  • Marketing—Market Research, Product Development, Branding, Sales & Distribution,Advertising,Public Rekations,Media Planning and Buying, Media Relations, Client Servicing, E- Commerce, Webmarketing, Merchandising
  • HR—Talent Acquisition, Training and Development, Payroll Management, Industrial Relations,HR Analytics
  • Finance—Accounts, Financial Planning, Resource Mobilization ,Auditing, Costing, Taxation, Treasury, Investments Research, , Insurance, Investment Banking ,Purchases, Personal Finance, Foreign Exchange
  • IT–Systems Design, Data processing and Systems Analysis, Management Information Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Operations—Inventory Control, Quality Control ,R& D, Logistics & Supply Chain

NSHM Advantage

  • Delivering the course curriculum along with EDGE, an innovative programme for grooming students for the corporate world.
  • Extensive collection of electives for MBA students that is customized to complement their major area of studies.
  • NSHM Business School listed In the CSR GHRDC India’s Best Business School


MBA Specializations
NSHM Department of Business & Management offers dual specialization MBA, affiliated to the West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT) and approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

Note: Each student should take three Major Specialization papers from any one group and one Minor Specialization paper from any other group (for both third & fourth semesters). All students of any one college can take only one paper as Minor Specialization from any group (apart from the Major Specialization group) in both the third & fourth semesters.


A candidate can choose one major and one minor area of specialization. Following three areas of specializations offered are:

Candidates with specialization in marketing, from NSHM enjoy excellent career growth in this highly competitive world. Marketing manager, market research analyst, brand manager and new product manager are some of the job profiles available for MBA marketing professionals from our institute. Other specialized corporate positions like advertising manager, marketing communications manager, sales manager and PR director also interest our students.

Financial managers are the people in charge of overseeing and maintaining the financial strategy and history of a company. He/she is focused on strategy and money management. Finance has been one of the more popular choices for our MBA students. Most prospective jobs for MBAs with specialization in finance fall within investment banks, corporations, and security firms. Many financial management students also follow careers in the consulting industry.

Human Resource Management
MBA with specialization in Human Resources or HR enables an individual to pursue a career in Human Resource or Personnel Management. Our MBA programme with a specialization in Human Resources is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways for establishing successful career in HR departments of reputed companies. The course content is constantly updated in order to ensure real-world relevance.

The Course Module

West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT) Syllabus of MBA
(The syllabus is upgraded from time to time by the university and NBS follows the syllabus prescribed by the university. The following syllabus is the current syllabus prescribed by the university and can be modified by WBUT).

First Semester 8 Compulsory Courses
Code Course Name No. of Credits Contact Hours Marks
MB 101 Business Economics 4 40 100
MB 102 Business Communication 4 40 100
MB 103 Management Information System 4 40 100
MB 104 Organization at Behaviour 4 40 100
MB 105 Quantitative Methods 4 40 100
MB 106 Fundamentals of Accounting 4 40 100
MB 107 ISS & VA* 4 40 100
MB 108 Business Law 4 40 100
Total 32 320 800

* ISS Indian Social Structure, VA – Values & ethics in Business

Second Semester 8 Compulsory Courses
Code Course Name No. of Credits Contact Hours Marks
MB 201 Business Economics II 4 40 100
MB 202 Organizational Behaviour II 4 40 100
MB 203 Quantitative Methods II 4 40 100
MB 204 Product & Operation Management 4 40 100
MB 205 Management Information System II 4 40 100
MB 206 Human Resource Management 4 40 100
MB 207 Financial Management 4 40 100
MB 208 Marketing Management 4 40 100
Total 32 320 800

Third Semester 2 Compulsory, 4 Specialization Courses and Project Work
Code Course Name No. of Credits Contact Hours Marks
MB 301 Management Accounting 4 40 100
MB 302 Operation Research 4 40 100
MB 303 Project Work and Viva Voce 8 100
Specialization Four Courses: Three from one specialization and one from another specialization 16 160 400
Total 32 240 700

Code Course Name Code Course Name
MM 301 Sales & Distribution Management HAS 303 Health Policy & National Health Programme
MM 302 Advertising & Sales Promotion Do Do
MM 303 Marketing Research SM 301 Database Management
FM 301 Corporate Taxation & Tax Planning SM 302 System Analysis & Design
FM 302 Corporate Finance SM 303 Computer Aided Management
FM 303 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management HR 301 Employment & Compensation Administration
HAS 301 Concept of Community Health HR 302 Human Resourse Planning
HAS 302 Epidemology & analysis of Healthcare Information Data HR 303 Labour Laws
Fourth Semester 2 Compulsory, 4 Specialization Courses and Project Work
Code Course Name No. of Credits Contact Hours Marks
MB 401 Project Management & Entrepreneurship Development 4 40 100
MM 402 Strategic Management 4 40 100
MM 403 Comprehensive Viva Voce 8 Nill 100
Specialization Four Courses : Three from one specialization & One from another specialization 16 160 400
Total 32 240 700

Code Course Name Code Course Name
MM 404 International Marketing HAS 406 Logistics Management in Healthcare Units & Storage and Distribution
MM 405 Service Marketing Do Do
MM 406 Consumer Behaviour SM 404 Software Management
FM 404 Financial Institutes & Finance SM 405 E-Business
FM 405 International Finance SM 406 Fundamentals of Networking
FM 406 Derivatives & Risk Management HR 404 Industrial Relations
HAS 404 Law HR 405 Organisational Development
HAS 405 Planning, Organization & Management of Health Science HR 406 Human Resource Management


Graduate with a valid score of MAT/WBJEMAT. Final year candidate can also apply.


2 Years (Full Time)