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B.Tech. in Civil Engineering



The Department of Civil Engineering has been set up with a vision of producing high quality technical manpower needed by industry, R&D organizations and Academic Institutions. The departmental activities embrace Planning, Design, Construction and Management.

The academic activities of the Department lays emphasis on in-depth understanding of fundamental principles, development of creative ability to handle the challenges of Civil Engineering and the analytical ability to solve problems, which are interdisciplinary in nature. The Department also encourages its student to engage in extracurricular and co-curricular activities, essential for development, nurturing of team spirit and developing organizational skills.

A student pursuing B.Tech degree in Civil Engineering can go to both industrial fields as well as for further specialization in their favorite subject. There are huge scopes available in civil industry which ranging from defense and industrial development to social welfare and economic growth.

For details, visit NSHM Faculty of Engineering & Technology (NFET) website –!

[College Code Durgapur: NKCGOIDGP]



Entry Requirements
10+2 passed in Science stream. Qualifying entry requirement: WBJEE and JEE (main). Admission to second year of B. Tech program (Lateral Entry) is based on qualifying JELET.


4-year Degree Course.


Name of Lab Purpose of Lab Lab Configuration
SOIL MECHANICS I LABORATORY To perform Vane Shear Test, Standard and Modified Proctor Test, Consolidation Test, Sieve Analysis etc. Casagrandes Liquid Limit Apparatus, Plastic Limit Apparatus, Shrinkage Limit Test Apparatus, IS Light Weight Compaction Test Apparatus, IS Light Weight Compaction Test Apparatus, Core Cutter, Hydrometer, Density Bottle, Pycnometer
SOIL MECHANICS II LABORATORY To perform Vane Shear Test, Standard and Modified Proctor Test, Consolidation Test, Sieve Analysis etc. Direct Shear Test Apparatus, Triaxial Test Apparatus, Unconfined Compression Test Apparatus, Vane Shear Test Apparatus, One Dimensional Consolidation Test Apparatus
HIGHWAY ENGINEERING LABORATORY To perform Impact, Abrasion Value Test, Flakiness and Elongation Test of Aggregates; Penetration, Softening Pt., Flash and Fire Pt. of Bitumen, Marshall Mix Design, CBR Value Test of Subgrade Material etc. Softening Point Test Apparatus, Penetration Test Apparatus, Stripping Value Apparatus, Flash And Fire Point Test Apparatus, Flakiness And Elongation Test Of Coarse Aggregate, Aggregate Crushing Value Test Apparatus, Los Angles Abrasion Value Test Apparatus, CBR Value Test Apparatus, Marshal Stability Test Apparatus, Aggregate Impact Value Test Apparatus
GEOLOGY LABORATORY To Analyze the quality of Rocks Microscope
CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY LABORATORY To perform Flexural Strength, Measurement of Workability of Concrete, Setting Time of Cement, Mix Design of Concrete etc. Slump Test Apparatus, Compacting Factor Test Apparatus, Vicat Apparatus, Le Chatelier’s Soundness Test Apparatus, IS Sieve, Sieve Shaker, Concrete Mixer, Compression Testing Machine(CTM), Cube Mould (150x150x150) For Concrete, Flexure Testing Machine, Cube Mould(70.6×70.6×70.6) For Cement, Cylindrical Mould (150D x 300 H)
SURVEYING LABORATORY To perform Chain Surveying, Compass Surveying, Plane Table Surveying, Levelling, Theodolite Traversing, Total Station Surveying etc. Total Station, Auto Level, Dumpy Level, Prismati Compass, Surveyor Comass, Chain, Plane Table
STRENGTH OF MATERIALS LABORATORY To perform Compressive Strength Test, Brinell Hardness Test, Dynamic Impact Test, Torsion Test etc. Universal Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine, Izod Impact Test Apparatus, Hardness Testing Appartus
AutoCAD LABORATORY AutoCAD Lab having analytical and design based software (STAAD.Pro). AutoCAD, STAAD.Pro