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Build Your Future in Video Games with B.Sc. in Gaming & Mobile Application Development

  • What is game design?

Essentially, game design is an aspect of video game development and it requires designers who are both creative and technically skilled. Their key areas of operations include:

–          Ideating, planning and actually building video games.

–          Emphasizing on system design, level design and narrative design.

–          Creating stories, levels, rules and environments that will define the gaming experiences of tomorrow.

–          Though not visual artists, they can be part of the creative development of the game.

Thus this particular job needs creativity, technical programming skills, and above all an undying love for video games. For this they need a balanced curriculum that will provide them all this and nurture their talents with proper guidance on these three aspects.

  • What is the Scope & Career Opportunities for B.Sc. in Gaming & Mobile Application Development?

Game designers mostly start out as artists, programmers or testers and depending on the kind of organization they work for they grow in those directions. The course will open up job opportunities in:

–          Web designing, computer games designing, advertising graphics, animation and new media.

–          Multimedia professionals are also recruited in schools and publishing houses for making films and interactive video conferencing interfaces.

–          Multimedia developers can also work as flash developers, network engineers, publishers, graphic artists, sound experts, animators, authors/content providers, Concept/storyboard artist, texture artists, project managers and picture researchers.

–          One can work also project their own talent independently as freelancer/Entrepreneur