By Team NSHM | Jun 22, 2018

Why study M.Sc. in Information & Cyber Security?

This course offers the unique opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the theory and techniques of cyber security and its application in response to real-world business problems

This course will help you gain expertise in areas of cyber security to devise proper strategies. With organizations becoming increasingly concerned about vulnerability to cyber attacks, as a cyber security expert, one can put themselves in a position to sort out these apprehensions and provide optimum solutions.

The growth of IT infrastructure in businesses has dynamically changed the values associated with various resources. With the advent of a plethora of interconnected devices collectively called the “Internet-of-Things”, it has added an element of increasing vulnerability of facing cyber attacks. Whether it is the data breach of a large organization by cyber criminals or identity theft of the common man, targeting sensitive government and corporate information has created the need for trained professionals.
The two-year curriculum is aligned with the growing demand of the industry. It is designed to focus on providing good industry exposure via academic and functional experts from the industry.

What are skills you will acquire with M.Sc. in Information & Cyber Security?

With a full time degree in M.Sc. in Information & Cyber Security students will have the chance to learn

  • Cutting-edge skills to derive and apply effective cybercrime evasion solutions.
  • Skills needed to conduct investigations into cyber-attacks suspected in the system
  • Skills to assess security risks and install effective and reliable solutions
  • Skills to assess and mitigate challenges at the time of eliminating security risks
  • Design and implement plans and strategies for four key aspects of- security, risk, assurance and dependability
  • Deploy skills gained along with concepts of technical systems and business processes into real-world scenarios
  • Applicable laws and regulations involved while devising security risk management strategies

Finally, all these skills will help develop a professional portfolio of evidence for each student which will highlight the instances where applying a solution-oriented mindset and practical skills in cyber security made a difference to the business involved.

How will classroom learning help me in M.Sc. in Information & Cyber Security?

At NSHM Knowledge Campus care has been taken to ensure that whatever a student learns is holistic and will prepare them for realities on the job in their respective careers. The same applies to this course with the added advantage of the extended learning framework available to Computer Science and Technology students. Thus students will be guided by our elite faculty along with infrastructure support to make them industry ready at the end of two years. The main inputs of the pedagogy will be to:

  • Provide real life experience in the class by guiding students with practical application of the latest tools
  • Provide detailed insights to enhance their skills of researching, designing and implementing cyber security solutions creatively in order to customize solutions to business problems.
  • Build expert skill sets in security techniques, cryptographic algorithms and cyber forensics to develop an ethical hacking environment.
  • Interact with industry experts(national and international) to analyze real life cases and understand the approach to solving unique problems
  • Provide career counseling and mentorship

What is the scope of M.Sc. in Information & Cyber Security in the industry?

The Cyber Security market is currently valued at a staggering worth of USD 1 billion! It is expected to grow to USD 35 billion by 2025 itself. This automatically means that demand for skilled professionals in this field will be sky rocketing in the coming months.
But don’t let the USD figures faze you. The demand is originating from everywhere

  • Domestic companies operating within the country and abroad
  • Multinational companies looking to invest or already investing in businesses in India
  •  Government’s initiatives towards regularizing activities in Cyber Security arena
  •  IT firms bringing in work from clients present across the globe

NASSCOM launched its first Cyber Security Task Force with the aim to make India the global Cyber Security solution hub. This involves preparing a Cyber Security R&D plan and developing a skilled workforce of Cyber Security experts. The projected share of Indian Cyber Security industry in the global market share is to take it from current 1% to 10% by 2025.
There is also word of creating a professionally trained base of close to 1 million certified and skilled Cyber Security professionals to empower over 1000 startups from India in the near future.
With the advent of Digital India initiatives, there is bound to be jobs created rapidly in this sector.

Who is suitable for M.Sc. in Information & Cyber Security?

This course is suitable for those who are conversant with the dynamics of cyber security and cyber laws.
Applicants must demonstrate cognitive skills in order to review/ analyze and consolidate knowledge in order to identify and provide solutions to complex problems.
Preference will be given to students who possess high levels of independent judgments in various technical or management functions with an emphasis on different specialised contexts. They will also possess skills to initiate, plan, implement and evaluate broad functions within various contexts.

What are the employment areas one can explore?

  •  Academic Institutions for research and education
  • Research & Development facilities of Cyber Security
  • Indian Judiciary and allied services
  • Global Data Security Management Companies
    What are the various job roles applicable to those who hold M.Sc. in Information & Cyber Security?
  • Application Engineer
  • Information Security Officer
  • Associate Professional
  • Information Technology Analyst
  •  Consultant
  • Information Security Consultant
  • Application Administrator
  • Information Security Architect
  • Lecturer/Professor

    After completing M.Sc. in Information & Cyber Security you can also become an Ethical Hacker. This is the best job for this course as it is the most challenging as well as rewarding career path to explore.