M.Sc. (Fashion Management) is a programme to train a person in different fields of running a fashion related enterprise. On one hand, it is a step forward for the graduates for contributing in the fashion and garment industry, on the other hand it strengthens the academic areas of experienced industry people. NSHM offers M.Sc. in Fashion Management programme which covers a vast area of creative, technical & managerial aspects including brand management, study of fashion, buying tools and methods etc.

A Master’s Degree in Fashion Management can lead to multitude of careers in fashion management and luxury brand management. The programme is designed to develop strong analytical, decision-making skills along with effective communication skills among students who dream of making big in fashion industry. From creating new and innovative marketing strategies to conducting research and analysis of the latest trends in the fashion industry – the programme will prepare the students to face any challenge that may appear while working.

Programme Education Objective

  • Establish expertise in different fields of running a fashion related industry.
  • Attain higher professional growth in the fashion and garment industry and in owned enterprises.
  • Develop contemporary knowledge and skills through lifelong learning in fashion marketing, visual merchandising, garment manufacturing
  • Pursue professional values and ethics in all profit and non-profit interventions for the betterment of society.

Career Opportunities

With the advancement of major international brands, growth of e-commerce and exploding consumer demand, there is an increasing demand for professionals with the knowledge of Fashion Management. After completing studies, one can find job opportunities in:

  • Fashion & garment industry in Retail /Marketing / Merchandising / Export / E-commerce
  • Fashion institute/ industry in academic role
  • Entrepreneurship in fashion & garment sector
  • Research, training and development

Programme Structure

Core Curriculum

Sales & Marketing

Fashion Marketing & Merchandising -1

fashion business models and analyze its importance.


awareness about the scope of future prospect in electronic media related to fashion product

Consumer Behaviour

different dimensions of the consumer-psyche in respect to buying behavior with a view to understand & identify the relevant market more efficiently


Fashion Marketing & Merchandising -2

awareness of the fashion business and its importance

Logistics & Resource management

efficient optimization and management of operation in Logistics & Resource Management and the ability to apply them in the enterprise

Visual Merchandising & Window Display

technicalities and the sales potential of the right display on shop windows, signboards, interiors and other promotional drives

Process of Garment Manufacturing

different processes involved in garment manufacturing and the relative importance of all the steps towards producing the ultimate product.

Research & Analysis

Research Methodology

how research is being done in the global fashion industry, and to put that knowledge of qualitative and quantitative research and analysis into practice for effective customer demand

Masters Project

on-field experience of research methodology & report writing around a guided theme

Business Entrepreneurship

Finance & Economics

economic aspect of the fashion world and ablout the financial strength & weakness of a typical fashion business case

Sustainable & Ethical Studies

To explore and investigate the possibilities in sustainable and ethical fashion

Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

technical & managerial aspects of setting up and successfully running a fashion related business

Developing Fashion Aesthetic

Basics of Fashion

survey and research on the world of fashion from an industry perspective.

Fashion Design Process

design elements and principles, and its application in fashion design to help develop garment collections successfully following an organized methodology.

Lifestyle Journalism

advantages and disadvantages of various media for technical, business, and personalized communication and about how to strategize for effective fashion coverage.

Fashion Communication

analyze the different levels of fashion communications, and about how it helps in the overall growth of the fashion industry

Creative Skill Development

Computer Application

applications of different software, IT aids, and cutting edge technologies in fashion and garment industry

Fashion Styling & Photography

different aspects involved in building campaign shoots in the field of fashion photography and styling.

Communication skill, Grooming & Etiquettes

various professional attributes for mindful, cognitive, ethical, social behaviors and corporate etiquette at the work place, in physical and/or digital environments.

Programme Type - PG

Duration - 2 years

Eligibility - Graduate in any stream from a recognized university

Degree Awarded By -

Fee Details

  • Kolkata

Kolkata Admission + Alumni Fee of INR 45,000/- to be paid during Admission

Payment Date

Lump Sum PaymentYearly Payment Payment DeadlineSemester Payment
Within 15 days of Admission INR 2,04,900 INR 1,31,100 INR 69,650
By 30th Nov, 2021 INR 69,650
By 31st May, 2022 INR 87,400 INR 46,400
By 30th Nov, 2022 INR 46,400
Total Fees: INR 2,04,900 INR 2,18,500 INR 2,32,100

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Amartya Banerjee

Director, NSHM School of Design

India is the world’s second largest exporter of textiles and clothing and it is expected to reach US$ 85 billion by 2021. Fashion Designing is not only about garments but the creation of various kinds of accessories and other lifestyle products. Both consumers and brands are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of sustainable fashion. M.Sc. in Fashion Management programme at NSHM covers a vast area of creative, technical & managerial aspects of Fashion Designing including brand management, study of fashion with communications, fashion buying tools and methods etc.

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