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With 2 sprawling state-of-the-art campuses in Kolkata and Durgapur, we ensure that our students have access to the best of educational facilities that are at par with international standards. Both campuses are replete with new age classrooms, recreational zones, modern student laboratories with the latest equipment and practicing tools, and an environment that fosters a vibrant culture that is conducive to bringing out the best in our students.

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Academic Excellence at NSHM

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Choice Based Extended Learning

The choice-based extended learning (CBEL) programme, which unites NSHM students from various programmes & levels (undergraduate to graduate), according to their preferences, is an innovative offering by NSHM with 50+ CBEL programmes, each lasting 20–40 hours & divided into 10 baskets. The baskets are loaded with carefully chosen, multidisciplinary learning opportunities facilitate active learning.

Knowledge Partners

NSHM has partnerships with numerous apex organisations in a variety of fields that are each knowledge hubs in their own right. Students now have access to cutting-edge Industry Exposure in pertinent fields, which enriches their overall learning experience. Students gain skills and in-depth knowledge through workshops, training, etc that assist to shape them into professionals who are ready for the workplace.


The NSHM’s Research division further fuels the goal of academic excellence. Faculty members conduct research projects that are supported by both public and commercial organisations. Students are also included to help with research. Their knowledge base is enhanced, and their ability to think critically and analytically is developed, which eventually carries out the contribution to the institute’s academic programme’s better standards.

NSHM Life Skills School

The 6 NSHM Life Skills School at NSHM Knowledge Campus are committed to contribute towards the holistic development of the students by nurturing their talents through unique programmes and initiatives which are devised and carried out by experts.

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Providing assistance from the onset

The college offers a range of pre-arrival services to international students, including orientation materials, housing support, and cultural integration resources, to ensure a comfortable adjustment to campus life. These services seek to improve the overall experience for our international student community by ensuring a smooth arrival and facilitating a successful academic journey.

Ensuring a smooth transition

Organized for our overseas students, this programme is to help them adjust to their new surroundings, grasp academic expectations, and become acquainted with campus facilities. It is intended to establish in them a sense of belonging and assist in their academic and personal endeavours while studying abroad.

Round the clock service

NSHM prioritises continual support for overseas students with a cell that is 24 x 7 in operation. Dedicated advisors help students with academic and personal issues, ensuring a smooth integration with the school community at large. The friendly environment in the campus promotes inclusivity and global viewpoints in order to provide a successful and meaningful educational experience.

Hassle-free paperwork facilitated

Our dedicated team provides guidance on legal requirements, ensuring students can focus on their studies without facing bureaucratic hurdles. We strive to create a welcoming environment by addressing documentation needs efficiently and effectively.


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