By NSHM | Dec 12, 2022

M.Sc. In Animation And Graphic Design – A Pathway To A Promising Career!

Every time a career in the domain of design is mentioned, animation and graphic design courses always come into our minds! Even though these two subjects go hand-in-hand, they’re still different from each other. Everybody, at some point, thinks of the distinction between the two roles while looking into video production. 

There is still a lot of uncertainty among video producers, editors, designers, artists, and creative directors about which of these two will suit their particular needs the best.

The animation tells tales and conveys concepts in a special, simple-to-understand style that both young children and adults can comprehend. Meanwhile, graphics may fascinate, motivate, and direct your audience to take the necessary action for your business. 

Let’s explore them in detail.

Who Is A Graphic Designer? 

Every firm has to have a name, a logo, and a design that distinguishes it from rival businesses and helps clients remember it. This task is done by graphic designers. Even security forces like the Army and Police require graphic designers. More than any other profession, businesses require designers. Graphic designing happens to be the art of planning and executing concepts and experiences using text and visual information. 

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Graphic Designer? 

  • Making Logos, Color Palettes for a Brand
  • Creating Banners, Social Media Posts, Or Flyers
  • Creating Advertisements 
  • Creating Illustrations 
  • Creating Prototypes For Websites 
  • Creating Mock-Up Samples & Blueprints 

Who Is An Animator? 

The primary responsibility of an animator is to give life to all of the drawings and images created by a graphic designer. In the end, the output that is produced is primarily composed of a thousand images, effects, and other harmonious visual components. Traditional animation, also known as cel animation (frame-by-frame animation), motion graphics, 2D animation, 3D animation, and stop motion animation, are the basic categories under which animation can be separated. 

Making visual products like movies, commercials, and animated shows is animation’s ultimate purpose. The final product or output that you produce will only be eye-catching if you have the artistic abilities to make these kinds of things.

A professionally competent and creative artist may create something unique and original in the field of animation, just like a professional chef can create a delicious dish. Knowing only a few tools and having a theoretical understanding of animation is not realistic if you want to learn about all the components and become a professional animator. 

What Are The Benefits Of Pursuing Graphic Designing And Animation? 

  • One of the biggest benefits of being in these fields is that you get plenty of chances to work with reputable companies. Hiring managers look for people with sharp designing and animating skills for their firms. Having a strong portfolio can help you boost your career tremendously. 
  • Working independently, or “freelance,” is a very appealing aspect of this profession. Graphic designers and animators have the ability to control their time, select projects that interest them, and increase the number of clients by working under this modality.
  • The freedom to fully express your imagination and creativity is also a great perk of working as a designer and animator. Anything you can envision and see can be displayed for others to enjoy, admire, and even critique. 
  • You can gain a lot of new skills and techniques if you work in the creative field. You have the chance to experiment with fresh ways and learn something new every day because various tasks call for different approaches. 
  • Whether you manufacture cars or are a blogger, you need designers and animators to promote your brand. Hence, you can work in your favorite sector. 

Are The Fields Swappable? 

Well, there can be two possible answers to this question: Yes and No! It is possible for an animator to switch back to graphic design since becoming a graphic designer is the first step in becoming an animator. An animator will be familiar with color theory, composition theory, and other design concepts. He will already be pretty familiar with the majority of graphic design software and has used it extensively. So it’s extremely simple to go from being an animator to being a graphics designer again.

However, switching from a graphic designer to an animator can almost be terrible. The designer may be skilled at creating single shots, but turning those same photos into films and adding motion is an entirely different matter. It just doesn’t make sense. You won’t even be familiar with the fundamentals of animation software. 

Therefore, to solve this problem, NHSM has emerged with its top-notch M.Sc in animation and graphic design having a tie-up with Toonz Animation India. This will help you acquire the knowledge and skills needed for animation as well as graphic designing. You can enjoy plenty of benefits, including letting you switch your career fields if you find the other role more interesting. It also helps you land better positions in the UI/UX field. Better job roles help you earn more money. 

The NSHM Design School has unquestionably established itself as a premier knowledge center in Kolkata. The mission of NSHM has always been to prepare students to enter the professional community by offering the highest quality of learning and first-rate facilities. No matter the lecturers or the placements, NSHM consistently goes above and above. Students can grow into the most exceptional versions of themselves thanks to the college’s outstanding educational environment.

Learning graphic design and animation from the institute might be one of the wisest decisions you will ever make. 

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