By NSHM | Jan 19, 2023

It’s Not Just For Flexibility: The Many Benefits Of Studying Yoga!

Yoga is a mind-body discipline. Different types of Yoga use physical poses, breathing exercises, and relaxation or meditation. It is an age-old discipline that calls for physical postures, mental focus, and deep breathing.

The Sanskrit root yuj, signifying “to yoke” or “to combine,” is where the word Yoga originated. The goal of the practice is to unite the physical, mental, and spiritual selves as well as human awareness as a whole. A sense of spiritual awakening is often brought on by such a union, which tends to balance ego-driven ideas and actions.

Around 5,000 years ago in northern India, Yoga first appeared. Yoga was introduced to the West by Indian monks in the late 1890s. By the 1970s, modern yoga teachings had attained great popularity in Western nations. Today, the International Yoga Federation estimates that there are over 300 million yoga practitioners worldwide.

Yoga comes in a variety of forms. One of the most well-liked styles is Hatha, which combines several other techniques. It is a more active version of Yoga than a still, contemplative one. Pranayamas are emphasised in Hatha Yoga (breath-controlled exercises). Following these are some asanas (yoga postures), which conclude with savasana (a resting period). The idea behind physical challenges during yoga practice is to avoid feeling overwhelmed. The emphasis is on your breath at this “edge,” and your mind is accepting and at ease.

Some Major Health Benefits Of Yoga-

  • Improves your adaptability
  • Increases muscle strength
  • Prevents the deterioration of joints and cartilage
  • Upholds a healthy way of life
  • Offers you comfort
  • Boosts focus, reduces tension, and aids in regulating mental health.                                It may not sound appealing to the ear or fulfilling enough to defy misconceptions to choose a career in Yoga. It doesn’t have a zing element, am I correct?

Looking beyond the stereotype and trying something new and unconventional is never easy. However, both the job market and the times are changing quickly. Numerous work opportunities for yogis and yoga students are anticipated in areas including Africa, the European Union, and Asia Pacific.

Some career benefits of Yoga are as follows-

  • Unique- It is typical to see doctors and politicians making large salaries and enjoying their ideal lives, but there is something deeply rewarding about picking a profession that aligns with your soul.

Your job as a yoga instructor will provide you with the freedom to run sessions according to your own morals and principles and to connect spiritually with your students.

Teaching yoga, in contrast to conventional employment, is a soul-satisfying activity since it enables the Guru to utilise Yoga and meditation as a divination tool to aid people in recovering from their traumas, overcoming their demons, and achieving greatness in life.

Although it would be challenging initially, every other job responsibility involves initial effort and ongoing dedication.

  • Good Earning Potential- If you’re wondering whether Yoga is enough for a prosperous life, then yes! In many of the world’s regions, including the MENA region, the European Union, and Asian nations like India, yoga teachers are paid well.

Additionally, it is anticipated that median average salaries will increase by higher percentages in different worldwide locations. Remember that your experience and skill level will influence your compensation, just like they do in every other employment role.

  • Self-Awareness- Some unsightly reasons why people fail to change their course and move toward something more worthwhile are ego, greed, rage, and hatred. Yoga might help relieve you of these difficulties and provide you realisations with a direct, constructive route to follow.

You can enroll in Yoga Teacher training, whether you are a professional yoga teacher or an amateur yogi, for a fulfilling experience and to learn many valuable skills. Your development as a yoga teacher will involve more than just attending courses; it will also involve facing your flaws, inner demons, and any lingering negative emotions.

  • Profile Enhancement- After completing a Yoga teacher training course, your career ambitions related to Yoga reach a new high. It’s as if you adorn yourself with additional wings with the intention of reaching higher altitudes and greater heights of personal development.

However, not many individuals disclose the fact that this job entails more than just continuing in the role of a Yoga teacher. You can pursue career prospects in the area of health and wellness, such as those of a therapist, counselor, personal trainer, or even researcher.

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