By Team NSHM | Dec 6, 2021

How to decide your career in the VFX industry?

Cartoons have been a passion of most of us since we were children. We feel an uncanny connection to animated mice and cats, such as Tom and Jerry. Did we ever pause to reflect on why we felt so touched by these characters? Who makes them? And, more importantly, where do they come from?

As adults, we understand that the purpose of these cartoons is to mimic humans — their facial expressions, mannerisms, and behaviours. In reality, a man couldn’t fly — but on-screen he certainly could! NSHM offers VFX course in Kolkata where you can learn about 3D modelling, 2D image processing, and a variety of other VFX skills.

An in-depth look at VFX 

We have advanced much further than just films in today’s world. Currently, numerous media channels are being used to construct alternate realities, with visual media being the most common. Did you know that the human brain dedicates an astounding 50% of its processing power to processing visual information, directly or indirectly? That speaks volumes about the power of the media.

The VFX industry is fascinating and fast-paced. Moreover, it is a rapidly growing industry worldwide, including in India. 

What is VFX?

VFX covers a wide range of fascinating skills. VFX is an acronym for “visual effects,” and it entails modifying or creating images to produce a certain effect.

The VFX industry: How to get involved

If you want to be a part of this exciting profession, you must know about the technology involved. VFX is a creative field, but you need to understand basic techniques and technologies to become successful in the field and maintain a post-production career.

You need to enrol in a VFX course in Kolkata for this. It covers 3D modelling, 2D image processing, colour grading, compositing, masking, shading, lighting, computer graphics, motion graphics, texture mapping, visual painting, audio and video post-production.

You should start by building an excellent portfolio with a professional demo reel. A demo reel can advertise itself by presenting the value of your position; this can be far more powerful than a simple resume. VFX offers a wide variety of positions for the graduates according to their speciality and area of interest.

Selecting the right field in VFX

With the advancement of online apps, games, advertising, film creation, animation, and education, having good knowledge about VFX can open up many possibilities. We must acknowledge that several blockbuster movies in India are made with the use of VFX.

Persistence, hard work, and intense attention to detail are key qualities that will lead you to success in this profession. The mastery of a VFX artist lies in the fact when an audience cannot distinguish between the real and made-up shots.

If you are interested in gaining a comprehensive understanding of 3D modelling, 2D image processing, colour grading and other aspects of VFX, enrol in the VFX course in Kolkata by NSHM. We are one of the best institutes in India to learn animation and VFX where the programme enables students to communicate with the help of pictures and other visual methods while helping them become complete professionals.