By NSHM | Sep 30, 2021

Give Life to Your Ambitions with a Fashion Design & Management Degree

The Indian fashion industry is increasingly becoming the focal point, manifesting a rapidly growing middle class and a strong manufacturing sector. Solid economic foundations and a thriving tech-savvy population makes India too powerful for global brands to ignore.

Indeed, India’s rise is one of the trends the fashion design industry should witness in the coming years. We, as a country, are evolving from an increasingly important sourcing hub into one of the most engaging consumer businesses outside the Western world.

In 2022, India’s apparel market is estimated to be worth $59.3 billion, making it the world’s sixth-largest. The country is marching toward the ‘gold collar’ worker that defines the well-paid professionals who are pleased to look good, happy to feel good, and are increasing the consumption of today.

Indian merchants are utilising technology to improve the in-store experience with digital marketing exhibitions and improved checkout to build momentum around traditional locations.

Artificial intelligence-based solutions are becoming increasingly popular among e-commerce businesses. Personalisation and curation based on personal taste are said to become a lot more critical. After all, it’s not about having the most comprehensive selection; it’s about bestowing the most appropriate choice to the customer involved.

In short, strong economic growth and increasing tech-saviness will make the country the next notable global opportunity in fashion and apparel.

Role of a Fashion Designer

Fashion designers examine consumer trends and design clothing and accessories that interest their target audience. Some designers work for children’s clothing, while others work for teenagers, adults or professionals. They frequently supervise production and work directly with manufacturers to get fabric and embellishments for their designs.

They may also collaborate with creative directors to develop commercials or organise fashion shows to promote their clothing to the general audience.

Designing and Management

The fashion industry is composed of designers and models and people who run and manage the business of designers and their brands. Fashion management is concerned with the promotion of a brand’s image and awareness among the general public, as well as the marketing, merchandising, and retailing of fashion products. This involves fashion planning, and the promotion of the fashion business, too.

While the designers are in charge of conceptualising clothing and thinking of unique new items to bring to the industry, fashion management responsibilities include sourcing, merchandising, retail, understanding international and national business and design practices.

By attending various field visits and industry visits, they understand different fashion business practices, fashion management methods, trends, and fashion business operations. They need to be resilient in their decision making and possess the ability to manage risk and strategies that hold the company’s business at the forefront. Along with this, they need to have the capacity to network and provide solutions.

Want to Lead the Fashion Management Industry?

In fashion management courses, students are subjected to the development of leadership skills, especially in fashion, lifestyle, and the retail division. Students acquire the skill and knowledge to be top managers in the fashion industry through a fashion management program.

To cater to the demand of fashion designers and managers, a three-year undergraduate program in Fashion Design and Management and a PG degree in Fashion Management is designed by NSHM Knowledge Campus. It enables the generation of innovative and free-thinking individuals to unleash their creativity and make a decisive impact in the fashion and luxury business.

Focused on experiential learning, this industry-oriented program reveals the students to distinct perspectives of global lifestyle and fashion.

With the rapid global expansion of the fashion and luxury segments today, professionals must strengthen their knowledge and business acumen in order to adapt and prosper. Companies want individuals who can display excellent marketing and management skills to navigate changing customer preferences and create dynamic content to increase customer engagement.

So, if fashion is your calling, you must think of enrolling yourself in a design and management course and equip yourself with product knowledge, marketing skills, e-commerce know-how, brand aesthetics and management.

With a degree at hand, acquired skills and extreme creative potential, we are sure nothing can stop your way!