Jul 22, 2020

Fast Track Career Guidance on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Fast Track Career Guidance with Jai Shankar & Kasturi Bhattacharjee- Artificial Intelligence

Career guidance is the biggest help in deciding the ideal career path students want to pursue. This assistance was made available for aspirants even during the pandemic to help them identify their true calling.

How did she get into AI technology?
Coming from a family of doctors and engineers, the pressure to perform was always huge. A Computer Science major, Kasturi’s professional life began with telecommunication, as it was beginning to revolutionize communications as we know it. AI was a natural progression to stay relevant to the change in technology.

What are the current Industry prospects?
Artificial Intelligence was a research subject alongside automation. But today its use has proliferated into every walk of life – education, health, governance, banking, consumer services & even sports performance. The career options have widened across all disciplines. Even in the face of a pandemic, recruitment for AI professionals is the highest across the globe.

Skills and aptitude for success?
The main keywords for a career in technology are: logic, research & being open to new challenges. One must be goal-oriented to survive the entire process till the goal is achieved.

His advice for students.
Learn, unlearn and relearn.

Watch video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNuKMW96dFA