By Team NSHM | Dec 6, 2021

An exhaustive guide for becoming a Psychologist

Have you ever wondered how people think or how their behaviours change in different situations? Or, why do some people have difficulty conversing with strangers, while others find it easy? How do you feel when you hear the terms like “hallucinations”, “disorders”, or “unconscious mind”? Mental health is complex. With the rising stress in modern life, the demand for skilled psychologists are continuously rising.

Psychologists are nonmedical doctors specializing in the study of the mind and the behaviour of humans. A psychologist helps people cope with fears and anxieties, improve their relationships with family and friends, and live a more fulfilling life. Psychologists handle a wide range of issues, and their responsibilities vary depending on their specialization, theoretical orientation, and the populations they wish to assist after they have completed their education. NSHM is one of the leading private psychology colleges in Kolkata that offers both UG & PG level programmes on psychology

Curriculum during school

You can choose any stream in your 12th grade to become a psychologist. There has been an increasing number of schools that integrate Psychology into their curriculum, and one of its benefits is that you can choose Psychology as your fifth subject regardless of the course you’re taking. If you wish to gain a basic understanding of Psychology, it is advisable to take the class in school, but it is not mandatory.

Graduation (B.Sc.)

A graduation degree in psychology provides a solid foundation in the psychological field. This program will help you identify your interests by exploring all the facets of psychology.

Psychology courses encompass General Psychology, Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Organizational Behaviour, and many more.

Career Opportunities

In India, psychology is gaining prominence as its demand is increasing. Upon graduating, you can pursue a wide range of careers. The scope for Psychology is not limited to any one industry but to various social domains and organizations.

  • The counsellors

It is evident that there is a need for counsellors in NGOs, old age homes, recovery centres, etc. Counsellors help people to overcome their problems and miseries. Some problems may be the outcome of traumatic events in a person’s life, or some problems in a relationship.

  • The educational sector

Psychologists are needed as school counsellors, trainers, and career counsellors. They assist children during their education. In addition, they assist students who have behavioural issues or learning disabilities.

  • The organizational psychology

Many organizational psychologists work for multinational companies and HR departments. Besides handling employee issues, they help the team to work well together.

Once you have determined that you want to become a psychologist, take the next step. Consider enrolling at NSHM, the best private psychology college in Kolkata, for a flourishing future career ahead. Learn about human behaviour so that you can help people to act in a way that will make them happier and more productive members of society.