Bsc- Psychology programme will provide an overview of the processes and problems in behavioural psychology. Combining the knowledge of Behavioural Science and Applied Psychology with strong observation and communication skills, a behavioural psychologist will be able to work with communities and individuals, examining behaviour and decision-making.

The scope for B.Sc. in Behavioural Science and Applied Psychology are not limited to any one industry but to various social domains and organizations. A person specialized in this field will be well-versed in psychometric methods and social sciences and will be able to conduct research and contribute to the scientific understanding of human behaviour and also work in healthcare and various other institutions.

Programme Education Objective

  • Prepare students with modern knowledge, skills, and attitude in areas related to cognitive processes, core and allied psychology areas, research and application, and mental health.
  • Enable them to adapt to the emerging scientific and technological trends in developmental, clinical, social, cultural, and organizational psychology for effective prevention, care, and rehabilitation of health and mental well-being by way of continuous learning and upholding ethics and quality of life of human beings.

Career Opportunities

The demand for skilled professionals in Behavioural Science & Applied Psychology is rising in India as people are getting more aware of mental health issues. After the completion of B.Sc. in Behavioural Science, apart from pursuing higher studies, graduates can pursue careers in:

  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Law enforcement
  • Marketing and Analysis
  • Non-government organizations
  • Education sector
  • Psychological and sociological research

Programme Structure

Core Curriculum

Core Concepts of Psychology

Fundamental processes

Scope and development of Psychology, implications in social sciences, different schools of thought, branches and methods in use, role, function, and work of a graduate of a Psychologist, Career prospects – existing and emerging

Cognitive processes

understanding of the basic cognitive processes, such as, attention, learning, memory, emotion, motivation, psychophysics and perceptual systems.

Developmental Psychology

various aspects of human development with respect to physical, cognitive, social and emotional domains at all ages that would help increase their psychosocial functioning and develop a holistic and compassionate understanding about people around them.

Clinical psychology

develop preliminary ideas about psychopathology, various psychiatric disorders, prevalent developmental disorders seen during developmental age, etc.

Social psychology

various interpersonal, psychological and psychosocial processes, social and human behavioural factors, applications in daily living, communication and various other aspects of societal discourse.

Organizational psychology

understand and analyse different facets of organizational behaviour, especially, in the fields of motivation and leadership, managing emotion and behaviour in workplace, managing humans as a resource in organizational setup, etc.

Biological basis of Behaviour

Structure of central and peripheral nervous system, functions and underlying physiological explanation of various psychological processes and disorders.

Health Psychology

understand the interaction and interrelationship of physical health and psychological wellbeing, preventive aspects of health and lead fuller and more enriched lives.

Interface with Allied Disciplines

Environmental Management

importance and sustenance of environmental resources, relevant SDG goals,and case studies.

Cultural Psychology

integrated understanding about different branches of social science, namely, anthropology and sociology, their interdependencies, and learning individual as a function of culture.

Disability & Society

Analyse and understand different dimensions of disability and the integration of individuals with needs in an inclusive society.

Research and Application

Foundations of Research and Research Design

foundational idea about quantitative research, descriptive and inferential statitistics relevant to social sciences and for future research endeavours.

Laboratory experimentation and field study

Practical, hands-on exposure to research method of experimentation, sociometry, case study, psychological testing and more.

Group endeavour for academic enhancement

Application of prior-learned concepts of Psychology, Conducting a scientific research, learn agency and be of aid during future investigation endeavours

Programme Type - UG

Duration - 3 or 4 years

Minimum Eligibility - 10+2 passed in any stream from a recognised board

Degree Awarded By -

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