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Master of Business Administration (Part Time)



The Part-Time MBA Program is exclusively designed for the working professional who wants to enhance their knowledge and skills in the ever-changing arena of management. The program attempts to impart conceptual as well as practical exposure to help the working executives shape into better managers. The program helps students explore and unravel management knowledge, beyond the classroom.

The industry demands continued upgrade of knowledge and skills in corporate professionals. This course caters to that need, through a unique pedagogy combining classroom sessions, guided assignments and industry certifications, delivering a synergistic learning ecosystem.

[College Code Kolkata: NKCGOIKOL]

Master of Business Administration (Part Time) Course Details
Course Level Post Graduation
Duration 3 Years
Eligibility Graduation
Type Degree
Specialisations Marketing, Finance & HRM

Scope & Career Opportunities

  • Marketing—Market Research, Product Development, Branding, Sales & Distribution, Advertising, Public Relations, Media Planning & Buying, Media Relations, Client Servicing, E- Commerce, Web Marketing and Merchandising.
  • HR—Talent Acquisition, Training and Development, Payroll Management, Industrial Relations and HR Analytics.
  • Finance—Accounts, Financial Planning, Resource Mobilization, Costing, Taxation, Treasury, Investments Research, Insurance, Investment Banking, Purchases, Personal Finance and Foreign Exchange.
  • IT–Systems Design, Data processing and Systems Analysis, Management Information Systems and Enterprise Resource Planning.
  • Operations — Inventory Control, Quality Control, R&D, Logistics & Supply Chain.


First Semester 5 Compulsory Courses

  • MB101 – Business Economic – I
  • MB102 – Business Communication
  • MB104 – Organizational Behaviour – I
  • MB105 – Quantitative Methods – I
  • MB106 – Fundamentals of Accounting

Second Semester 5 Compulsory Courses

    • MB201 – Business Economic – II
    • MB202 – Organizational Behaviour – II
    • MB203 – Quantitative Methods – II
    • MB103 – Management Information Systems – I
    • MB107 – ISS & VA*

*ISS – Indian Social Structure VA – Values & Ethics in Business

Third Semester 5 Compulsory Courses

  • MB204 – Production & Operations Management
  • MB205 – Management Information Systems – II
  • MB206 – Human Resource Management
  • MB207 – Financial Management
  • MB208 – Marketing Management

Fourth Semester 5 Compulsory Courses

  • MB108 – Business Laws
  • MB301 – Management Accounting
  • MB302 – Operations Research
  • MB401 – Project Management & Entrepreneurship Development
  • MB402 – Strategic Management

Fifth Semester: 4 Specialization Courses, Project work and Viva-Voce

    • MB303 – Project work (8 weeks) & Viva Voce
    • Specialization – (4 courses – 3 from one specialization and 1 from another)
Code Course Name Code Course Name
MM301 Sales and Distribution Management SM301 Database Management
MM302 Advertising & Sales Promotion SM302 Systems Analysis & Design
MM303 Marketing Research SM303 Computer Aided Management
FM301 Corporate Taxation & Tax Planning HR301 Employment & CompensationAdministration
FM302 Corporate Finance HR302 Human Resource Planning
FM303 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management HR303 Labour Laws

Sixth Semester: 4 Specialization Courses and Comprehensive Viva-voce

    • MB403 – Comprehensive Viva Voca
    • Specialization – (4 courses – 3 from one specialization and 1 from another)
Code Course Name Code Course Name
MM404 International Marketing SM404 Software Management
MM405 Service Marketing SM405 E-Business
MM406 Consumer Behaviour SM406 Fundamentals of Networking
FM404 Financial Institutes & Markets HR404 Industrial Relations
FM405 International Finance HR405 Organizational Development
FM406 Derivatives & Risk Management HR406 Human Resource Development

Special Deliverables

Guided Assignments

Assignment sessions are designed to encourage the students to create a harmony between what islearnt and what is practiced in the industry.

  • Structured and guided assignments are given to the students with specific deadlines.
  • Methods of data collection and software application required for the assignments are discussed in detail beforehand.
  • The assignments are designed to make students adept in the report writing and presentation skills.
  • Often assignments are given in groups so as to help students overcome shortcomings, if any, in the areas of interpersonal orcommunication skills, and build a teamwork approach to a problem.
  • The assignmentsare typically multidisciplinary in nature in order expose students to various domains of knowledge, and create enhanced capacity to adapt to a fast changing world.

Doubt Clearing Sessions

The objective of these sessions is to help the student to overcome any specific shortcoming interms of knowledge, ability, motivation, skill, techniques, behavior, etc. or as may be identified by thefaculty member. The sessions will have a focused approach to problem solving.

  • Individual or Group Sessions of 10 hours per month. The specific time and venue may bedecided by the faculty member in consultation with the student(s).
  • Sessions by faculty members of each stream so that the student gets opportunity to individuallyinteract with all faculty members or trainers.
  • Regularity of sessions that maintains involvement of students.
  • Monitoring of the students by trainers and professors to identify the areas of improvement.

Infrastructure/ Knowledge Tools

  • State-of-the-art Laboratory and Infrastructure
  • Library with more than 10,000 books along with e-journals and e-magazines
  • Vastly experienced faculty members with more than 70 % awarded or enrolled Ph.D scholars
  • Huge Extra-curricular and Co-curricular engagement opportunities