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Campus Buddy – Registration Instructions Manual

Instruction for logging in TCS iON instance and editing Profile for Kolkata Campus Students

1. Login in
2. Click on Campus Buddy on the top right corner. You will land in TCS iON ‘Digital Learning’ page
3. Input your login ID and Password. Login ID = (for Kolkata Campus) / (for Durgapur Campus) and default password is <collegeID>. College ID is stated in your College identity card.
4. You will be asked to change your password. Please follow the password policy as stated in the webpage.
5. Click on the icon on the upper right corner displayed as

6. Click on ‘Self Service’ and then click on ‘Profile’ icon on the top right hand side of the screen.
7. On clicking the section ‘Personal Details’ you will get nshm email ID which is provided by the institute to you in Gmail platform and the email ID would be non editable. In this email ID, you will receive all official notifications from the institute. The user ID and password for the email is same.
ERP Section (Features which will be available in a phase-wise manner to students)

1. Unique Email ID: Will be provided by the institution to all the students. Any notification will be mailed in this institution email id. Student must check this mail id on regular basis.

2. Digital Learning: Students can follow the progress of the course and the topics covered in the class. Extra notes can be shared by the faculties which will be accessible to the students online.

3. Community and Communication: Student will be part of their required communities (decided by the institution) and can be a part of some internal communications like Byte, Blogs, User poll, Quiz etc. etc.

4. Timetable and Attendance: Students and Parents can monitor the attendance on a day to day basis as well as follow the timetables online.

5. Feedback: Student will be able to provide feedback on-line.

6. Library: Students can check the availability of the books and reserve the same if required. They can check the number of books issued to them as well and their due dates to be returned.

7. Hostel: If any student avails hostel then they can able to see their allotted room details. Also they can request for availing hostel through self services;

8. Fees: Parents and students can see their outstanding dues with the due dates and generate duplicate receipt as well for record keeping purpose. It helps them to pay the fees on time and avoid any late fines.

9. Identity Card: Each student of NSHM Knowledge Campus will be issued an Identity Card upon admission to the college. The same will also be used as a Library Membership Card.