By NSHM | Jan 19, 2023

Top industries to work with after studying Clinical Psychology

As the world is becoming more advanced, fast-paced, and complex, human faculties are in some way or the other challenged, making it quite difficult for a few to cope with the ways of the world. TheCovid19 pandemic further added to the mental health woes of people all around the world and psychologists are finding themselves busier than ever before. Considering the growing relevance of clinical psychologists, many students are opting for clinical psychology courses in Kolkata , Delhi, Mumbai, and such other metro cities where there are reputed institutions teaching the subject. In Kolkata, NSHM is irrefutably one of the best institutions where students can pursue M.Sc in clinical psychology and get the required expertise in the domain to become successful clinical psychology practitioners. Students who have passed out from this institution have built excellent careers in various industries. Discussed below are the top industries where people can build a career after completing a
course in clinical psychology.

Mental Health Treatment:
Facilities offering mental health treatment are perhaps the biggest employers of clinical psychologists. In such facilities, the professionals get immense scope for career growth as well as learning as here they get to work with different kinds of people with a host of different mental health issues.

A qualified clinical psychologist who also enjoys teaching can always choose to become a professor teaching and training future generations. In this domain of work, people get immense scope to assist students with an understanding of basic and complex psychological concepts and practices. Professors can also assist with various research initiatives and in the process also add to their own learning.

Marriage and Family Therapy:
In these stressful times, more and more families are breaking up due to familial discords and other issues. Clinical psychologists can make a big difference here with their understanding and knowledge. They can help people see clearly and thus restore balance in life and keep the family together.

Organizational psychology:
Most reputed companies nowadays hire organizational psychologists in order to help with various aspects of performance review, training, employee engagement and counseling as well as recruitment. As such, an individual with a degree in clinical psychology can also excel in the corporate world.

Forensic psychology:
A clinical psychologist associated with forensics has to work with criminal offenders, police, judges etc. They often have to visit crime scenes and create criminal profiles in order to help law enforcers narrow down the suspect list and further their search for the offender.

Child Care:
There is immense scope for clinical psychologists in child care. These professionals, with their understanding of the ways of the mind, can help parents and schools give the little ones an ideal environment for growth. They can also counsel parents to help them deal with various behavioral issues of little children.

With increasing competition in the domain of education, students are finding it more and more difficult to cope with stress. This is precisely why every school and college nowadays has a counselor on board to regularly talk to the students, understand their issues and help them cope with situations.

Clinical psychologists can make a huge difference in society by working with various NGOs that help the homeless, abused, and deprived. Psychologists can not only help these people overcome their trauma, but can also help them find a purpose in life.
Therefore, while every clinical psychologist certainly has the option of starting a private practice, they also have an immense scope of building a good career in various other domains of work.