By NSHM | Oct 20, 2021

The Limitless Campus Life at NSHM: Furnishing Rich Student Life Experiences

Your experiences seeking personal interests, traversing several activities, having fun, and engaging with new people can be as meaningful and encouraging as your education at NSHM Knowledge Campus.

NSHM Knowledge Campus, located in the central localities of Kolkata and Durgapur, is committed to creating a diverse campus community. Their undergraduate and postgraduate students profit from living and studying at a college that focuses on both academic and personal excellence, where faculty and staff dedicate much of their time and energy to teaching, guiding and assisting students.

NSHM’s concept of experiential learning doesn’t only happen inside the confines of its classrooms. Students undergo a distinct and vibrant life on campus with a wide array of extra-curricular as well as co-curricular activities, which form a platform for the students to grow as individuals.

The student life at NSHM fosters joy and creates a much stimulating atmosphere for all the students.

Sing, Perform, Write and Do Much More: Life at NSHM

NSHM’s student life embodies optimism and prosperity, where extra-curricular and co-curricular activities make a platform for the students to evolve as individuals.

With 8 diverse clubs ranging from literature to performing arts, from idea hunt to communication, from hospitality to wellness – students have numerous options for learning to be celebrated. With various academic, social, cultural and recreational programs and academic experiences, NSHM aspires to give students an adventure that takes the total possible advantage of NSHM’s diversity and educational opportunities.

Annual Events & Activities

  • Inspire the Champion in You

This is a new and innovative  platform conceived by NSHM to empower students to interact with national as well as international repute personalities. Their stories encourage students to win challenges and seek their passions.

●     Y Comm

The annual fest of NSHM Media School is one of the most popular college fests in Kolkata. This cultural extravaganza witnesses students from colleges across the city exhibit their talents through various competitive activities.

With exciting rewards for winners, celebrities making appearances to cheer the participants, guest bands giving enthralling performances, and a lot more, Y COMM definitely sets all pulses racing.

●     Login Astitwa

Another annual fest arranged by NSHM students and held at its Kolkata Campus is Login Astitwa. The 2 – day event sees a considerable conglomeration of students from various educational institutes participating in multiple activities like gaming competitions, debate, quiz, street football, band competition and many more.

●     Y Frames

This competitive event is intended to provide young students and film buffs across the country with a chance to exhibit their talent. Admissions for fiction, non-fiction, animation and ad films are shortlisted and shown at this short film festival.

●     Vectra

The graduation exhibition of NSHM Design School is one of the most anticipated events at the college. Graced by well-known designers and industry experts, it is a platform to recognize our students’ talent and an opportunity for them to get appraised for their work by professionals.


The National Conference on Pharmacy and Healthcare organized by NSHM Institute of Health Sciences has been in vogue for a decade. Participation of national and international scholars and academicians, official dignitaries and policymakers from the healthcare industry, C.E.O.s of healthcare and pharmacy enterprises and students make this event one of its kind.

Student Clubs

NSHM’s student clubs claim to develop analytical and creative thinking skills. These clubs aim to refine the students’ skills, build their logic and curiosity to know more and instil in them confidence. It offers opportunities to appreciate different types of artistic creativities and enhance their own soft skills.

The student clubs include:

  • Literary Club
  • Tag E-Cell
  • Bizbee Club
  • WY Club
  • D4Design
  • Hospitality 2021
  • SWAraj

Centres of Excellence

The Centres of Excellence at NSHM Knowledge Campus add value to their respective fields by nourishing talented professionals via unique initiatives, ultimately lending significant support to their overall development.

  • Aangan
  • L.C
  • UDAY
  • Outreach
  • A.G.

Indeed, life at NSHM encourages and fosters intrinsic human curiosity to bring out the wisdom in the students, taking them ahead on the path of invention.

You can also be the next all-around professional in your respective field by gaining knowledge & real-life skills here at NSHM. Give it a shot!