Nothing complements the development of an individual better than sports. Today, several kinds of sports are played across nations. With the passage of time – money, fame, glamour and media attention have become an integral part of it.

Sports management in India is still an offbeat career choice where you need to have a thorough knowledge of issues that are unique to the industry. The three-year bachelor degree programme is for aspirants who have keen interest in sports and sports related activities. After studying Sports Management, you can have the chance to work with professional, collegiate, or recreational athletics. The Sports Management program at NSHM is designed for individuals who seek to build up leadership qualities and professional expertise to make an outstanding career in sports administration.

Programme Education Objective

  • To prepare students with the theoretical and practical knowledge for management development, and promotion of Sports and allied businesses, involving sports persons, instructors/coaches, non-clinical and clinical support staff, sponsors, manufacturers, suppliers, event associates, government and non-government agencies, media, national and international sports association, etc. for the national development of all kinds of recognised sports, with ethical and moral responsibilities in a cross-cultural, diverse, and multi-disciplinary settings.
  • Enable them to continuously add value to sports business, education, and research for the development of better sportspersons and sustainability of indoor and outdoor sports.

Career Opportunities

It is called the Sunrise Sector for its enormous growth rate. FICCI’s Vision document 2014 makes an estimation of the requirement of 43.7 lakh human resources across the sports sector by 2022. After finishing study, students can work as:

  • Competition Managers
  • Sports Photographers
  • Sports Journalists
  • Sports Management Personnel
  • Sports Law Experts
  • Event Managers
  • Sports Marketing and Branding
  • Adventure Sports Manager
  • Sports Manager/Sports Agent
  • Athletics Director
  • Event or Facility Manager
  • Sports Coach Manager
  • Sponsorship Manager
  • Direct Sales Executive
  • Assistant Sport Coordinator
  • Marketing Manager for Sports Goods

Programme Structure

Core Curriculum

Sports Training

Sports Training and Conditioning

Fundamentals of Sports training process, preparation of sports persons, capacity buiding, high-performance training – fitness, strength, corrective and restorative excercises, conditioning, cardiovascular, etc. for various types of sports.


verbal, non-verbal, and writing skills, Visual-Auditory-Reading/Writing-Kinesthesis (VARK) communication styles, sporting spirit, interpersonal and behavioural skills.

Organization Development

Organization and Management in Sports

overview of the sport industry — HR, Finance, Marketing, Sales & Distribution, Logistics & Supply Chain, typical organogram, roles and responsibilities, fundamental knowledge and skill sets required of the sport manager, Sports MIS, solving sport-business related problems.

Profession Appreciation

Skills training in formal classroom, experiential, and outdoor settings, real-life problem analysis and solution approaches, evaluate all aspects of their assigned preceptor’s external and internal situation, live projects, and reporting


leadership principles, analytical skills, decision skills, directing programs, facilities planning and management, resources mobilization, utilization, strategy, organization development, growth, and income generation

Sports Development

Sports Marketing

Fundamentals of Sports marketing – sponsorships, endorsements, naming rights, licensing, marketing and management, marketing of sports segmentation, distribution product decisions, pricing, promotion and emerging issues in sports marketing

Sports Rehabilitation

Fundamentals of sports science, Sports medicine, Sports dietetics & nutrition, sport physiotherapy, rehab training

Spectator Management and Funding

facilities planning and development, infrastructure management, event communications, media management, spectator conveniences, security, financial, sales and economic concepts applied to sport environments, facilities planning and development, infrastructure management, Sport enterprises as economic systems, changes in supply, demand, and market trends, Fundraising types, Insurance, public relations, and advocay

Programme Type - UG

Duration - 3 years (6 Semesters)

Minimum Eligibility - 10 + 2 passed in any stream from a recognised board. Candidates appearing for Class XII final can also apply.

Degree Awarded By -

Fee Details

  • Kolkata
  • Durgapur

Kolkata Admission Fee of Rs. 45000/- and Alumni Fee of Rs 5000/- to be paid during Admission

Payment Date

One Time Payment Yearly Payment Payment Deadline Half-Yearly Payment
Within 15 days of Admission INR 2,75,000 INR 1,50,000 INR 81,000
By 30th Nov, 2022 INR 81,000
By 31st May, 2023 INR 90,000 INR 49,000
By 30th Nov, 2023 INR 49,000
By 31st May, 2024 INR 60,000 INR 32,500
By 30th Nov, 2024 INR 32,500
Tuition Fee Total INR 2,75,000 INR 3,00,000 INR 3,25,000
Total Fees: INR 3,25,000 INR 3,50,000 INR 3,75,000

Durgapur Admission Fee of Rs. 45000/- and Alumni Fee of Rs 5000/- to be paid during Admission

Payment Date

One Time Payment Yearly Payment Payment Deadline Half-Yearly Payment
Within 15 days of Admission INR 1,85,000 INR 1,00,000 INR 55,000
By 30th Nov, 2022 INR 55,000
By 31st May, 2023 INR 60,000 INR 33,000
By 30th Nov, 2023 INR 33,000
By 31st May, 2024 INR 40,000 INR 22,000
By 30th Nov, 2024 INR 22,000
Tuition Fee Total INR 1,85,000 INR 2,00,000 INR 2,20,000
Total Fees: INR 2,35,000 INR 2,50,000 INR 2,70,000

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