NSHM is offering a 3 year B.Sc. programme in Film & Television in Kolkata under MAKAUT. It is an academic as well as professional programme which will orient the student in almost all the avenues of filmmaking including production design, camera, editing, direction as well as further studies. This programme will cover different avenues of audio-visual world and will make the student dexterous enough to pursue the path of academia as well as industry.

The programme is aimed at industry-oriented training where students will be introduced to various technologies as well as the art of storytelling to survive in this highly competitive industry. After the completion of the programme, they will be able to pursue a wide variety of careers in the film and television.

Career Opportunities

With more than 600 television channels, 100 million pay-TV households and about 1,000 films produced annually, India boasts of a vibrant Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry that offers attractive growth opportunities for students. After pursuing the programme, one can join the industry as:

  • Short/Feature/Documentary Filmmaker for Film, Web and Television
  • Sound Designer
  • Video Editor
  • Videographer / Cameraman
  • Advertisement Professional
  • Film Journalist
  • Script Writer
  • Film Scholar

Programme Type - UG

Duration - 3 years

Eligibility - 10+2

Degree Awarded By -

Fee Details

  • Kolkata

Kolkata Admission + Alumni Fee of INR 45,000/- to be paid during Admission

Payment Date

Lump Sum PaymentYearly Payment Payment DeadlineSemester Payment
Within 15 days of Admission INR 2,93,000 INR 1,59,300 INR 86,000
By 30th Nov, 2021 INR 86,000
By 31st May, 2022 INR 95,600 INR 51,600
By 30th Nov, 2022 INR 51,600
By 31st May, 2023 INR 63,600 INR 34,400
By 30th Nov, 2023 INR 34,400
Total Fees: INR 2,93,000 INR 3,18,500 INR 3,44,000

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Dr. Firoz Mohammed

Director, NSHM School of Media & Communication

With more than 600 television channels, 100 million pay-TV households and about 1,000 films produced annually – India boasts of a vibrant Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry. Now online streaming platforms too are becoming the game changer for film and television industry as they are changing the way a movie gets made, edited or watched by the audience. Though people mostly choose to study film & television chasing their passion for filmmaking, this 3 year B.Sc. programme at NSHM will change their perspective on filmmaking by introducing them to the academic discipline involved in the study of film, TV and cinema.

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