By Team NSHM | Apr 23, 2020

Own up to Your Career Decision


There are ways of growing up. One among them is when you take your own decisions for your career. It is one of the most difficult things in life when you ask yourself what exactly is it that you want to do! And this time, let NSHM make it easier for you.

Among the many academic as well as professional courses, let’s talk about BBA in Supply Chain Management today.

Dreaming big these days is directly related to all the functions related to business and administration. With so many businesses all over the globe, courses on Business Administration and Supply Chain Management are gaining priority with time. The BBA course, with a specialisation in Supply Chain Management, aims towards making each student industry ready.


In the present scenario of the supply chain management industry, successful as well as competing companies are relying on fresh talent of supply chain management professionals to keep their systems running in a smooth flow. Supply chain management is in a bright spot with employment opportunities in a wide variety of industries and firms of all sizes. Businesses from manufacturers, wholesalers, to retailers and even warehouses, among industries from food & beverage to electronics, from pharmaceuticals to computer hardware, all are in need of supply chain management for their entities.

The ones interested in processing the analytical brain-power and in managing the supply chain of well-established businesses across the globe are the ones who should absolutely take up this course. The curriculum is built on objective and subjective questions which go in sync with the real industry scenario. The application oriented approach of the course helps to enhance the skills and have a better exposure towards the professional world.

Placements with renowned brands such as Flipkart, Grofers, TCS, Blue Dart, Wipro, etc. makes it an even more ideal course for the modern day world or careers.

See for yourself what NSHM has to offer and make a wise decision you would be proud of, a few years down the line.