By Team NSHM | Sep 23, 2022

Opportunities in the Banking Sector

The banking sector in India has seen an upward growth trajectory in the past 25 years. Since 1994, private banks have grown at a 38% CAGR, compared to public banks which have recorded a 19% growth. These figures are a depiction of the fact that the banking sector has a consistent growth matrix, which implies that the job opportunities in the sector are ever-growing.

Are you planning to opt for a job in banking and finance? Hence, you must have a graduation degree in any of the domains including finance/commerce/banking and economics.

Pursuing BBA in Banking & Finance Course will help you achieve your dream, of working in the financial and banking department of any organization. It will also help you to acquire various skill sets to manage finance properly.

Job Opportunities in the Banking Sector

With the industrial revolution 4.0, it is projected that there will be a rise in the skilled working population and hence the disposable income will gradually increase. This implies that there will also be a high demand for banking-related services, leading to more highly paid job opportunities in the sector. This applies not just to the urban banks but also to the rural banks that are expected to grow in the future.

In the upcoming years, approximately 20 lakh new employment is anticipated to become available in the banking sector. The job market is expected to improve in the coming years with the implementation of the new banking license system. Hence job stability and good salary will be offered in the sector. Some job roles offered include-

  • Managers
  • Assistant Managers
  • Senior Managers
  • Chief Managers
  • Assistant General Managers
  • Deputy General Managers
  • General Manager
  • Clerks
  • Officers

While the above data reflects that the banking sector will see a boom in the coming years, let us discuss how you can become future ready to grab job opportunities in the banking sector. Hence, let us have a look at what courses can prove to help secure a job in the banking sector.

How to become future ready to secure your future in the banking sector 

It is important to secure a degree in a course that helps you gain knowledge and insight into the banking sector. While there are several certification courses, these do not offer 360-degree training in the skills needed in the banking sector. The banking sector is now moving to the era of Fintech, where Bitcoin and NFTs are the new currencies. Therefore, to gain conceptual and advanced knowledge of the banking and finance sector you must complete a degree course- BBA in Banking and Finance. Let us look at how this course can help you secure a well-paid job in the banking sector.

BBA in Banking and Finance

A degree course in BBA in Banking and Finance can help you gain the financial knowledge and skills needed to excel in the field of banking and finance.

  • The degree program covers an in-depth study of business management and associated topics. It is a professional degree program where research-based practical training is offered in various areas of management and finance such as management information systems, the basics of human resource management (HRM), financial law, and fundamentals and principles of marketing.
  • The theoretical knowledge is also supplemented by a practical experience in case studies, industrial tours, presentations, and summer internships.
  • The various subjects covered specifically in BBA (Banking and Finance) course are different from those covered in a simple BBA program.
  • Specialized training is offered in finance-specific subjects like Treasury Operations, International Banking and Insurance, Investment Banking, Risk Management, Project & Infrastructure, etc., to name a few.
  • With the banking sector getting transformed with the technology revolution, additional subjects related to the Fintech space are also taught to the students.

After the completion of a course in BBA in Banking and Finance, an individual will gain the following skills-

  • Management Skills– The student will learn how to manage teams and processes, and gain a problem-solving approach to working in a challenging environment.
  • Leadership Skills– The student will gain insights into the attributes to become a good leader. Additionally, will gain time management skills to help in the tight schedules of the banking sector.
  • Banking and Finance Skills– The student will learn about banking operations and processes along with gaining risk management, investment, and technical skills needed in the Fintech space.

Benefits of Securing a job in the banking sector 

High salary and job stability– Since the banking sector is bound to grow in the coming years, the jobs offered in the sector are highly paid with good job security.

Reputable Job– Working in the banking sector is considered to be a reputable occupation and offers skills that help you develop real-life analytical and growth skills.

The above points highlight the need for acquiring a degree in Banking and Finance if you aspire to be a part of the rapidly growing banking sector.

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